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Holding higher standards- Call to Smriti Irani

Why Smiriti Irani should go!

Caveat: I write this as an ardent ‘neo-admirer’ of Smriti Irani, as I think she has a great future in Indian politics and believe she is in the right place.

I had to change my preconceived notion about two of the protagonists of ‘Ramayana’ serial. In those days, I was not a great fan of ‘Ramayana’ and used the telecast time to ride freely on empty roads, buy vegetables at the weekly market with no one in sight. Sometimes, the shopkeepers too were not around, having abandoned the shops to watch ‘Ramayana’. I found the aesthetics of the serial too jarring, the pace too slow, repetition an insult to intelligence and raged that Sagar was stretching the episodes for a few extra bucks.
When I was invited to attend a Rotary meeting where Nitish Bharadwaj was one of the speakers, I declined the invite, assuming that he is being invited for his fame that I thought was undeserving. This was after he ceased to be Member of Parliament, around 2008-2009. To my surprise, I found Nitish to be intelligent, spiritual and introspective. He is a person one could admire for his quite way of speaking his truth, having not borrowed his words of wisdom from popular ideas and having trudged his own path to arrive at his conclusions, all of them refreshingly original and sincere.
My views on Smirit Irani were even less charitable. Looking back, I think my dislike to the serial may be to blame. I had bracketed her with Sushma and assumed Smiriti is one of those noisy, rhetoric, brink(wo)manship and aggressive persons who are vexation to heart. After she was nominated to contest against Rahul Gandhi, I began to watch her more closely and found her to be surprisingly composed and articulate. And her interview with Rahul Kanwal converted me in total.
 Smriti has many admirable qualities which do not come to a person by mere superficial changes. When her name was announced for Amethi, there were many in the social media, including those who take cudgel in the name of ‘feminism’ who circulated a video clip in which Smriti was critical of Modi post 2002 riot. I believe that all these men-hating feminists were unfair to Smriti because though Smriti had explained the reason for her change of heart, only one side was peddled. 
In those Gujarat riot days, one had incorrectly assumed that Burkha’s and Rajdeeps had integrity. As their colors faded away to reveal them as conceited and probably agents of powers that be, there also appeared in media the ‘other views’ which helped one see Gujarat Riot in different light. It also became evident with the vengeance with which cases were being fabricated, NGOs promoted and people of deplorable reputation awarded Padma Shris because they would play any foul to bring down Modi that what is being shown as truth is putrid. 
I watched Modi walk out of Karan Tapar’s program and the media went orgasmic flaying him as a coward. The media collectively played down the fact that Karan was making baseless allegation even in the face of evidence to the contrary and I could sense Modi feeling that there is  nothing good that will come out of a conversation with an interviewer as partial and lying as Karan.
Madhu Kishwar’s Modi Nama, brought out facts that the MSM were averse to even mention, perhaps in the fear of the establishment, or due to favors that they were getting used to. All this slowly changed many minds and I too went through it and hence believe Smriti when she said that she was ‘less than charitable’ to Modi and was grateful for his act of magnanimity of supporting her name to contest against Rahul.
Smriti also was dignity personified all through her campaign in Amethi and deservingly got the support from Modi in the form of his visit to her constituency, which in my view, moved blocks of votes from Congress to BJP that resulted in much lower margin that the dynasty was used to. The way she handled the police officer who refused to challenge Priyanka’s PA showed that this is a woman of mettle who believes in herself so much that she never takes advantage of decibels, unlike Mamta and to a lesser degree Sushma. Nor was Smriti found to politicize the issue; she stuck to facts steadfastly.
When she was named as HRD minister, the Congress party opened up its vitriol once again supported by their ‘sleeper cell’ agents in media, including men-haters in the guise of ‘feminists’. Maken, whose brush with Rahul on the famous ‘Press meet’ in which he showed very clearly that he is one with no view of his own except that of his masters, cast the first stone on Smriti.
There are two criticism against Smriti.
1.       She is unfit to become HRD minister due to her qualification
2.       She had fudged her affidavits
I stand with Smriti in the first criticism against her. She has proven herself to rouse the aspirations of people and has rocked the safe seats of dynasty, coming as an outsider. She has the trust of the PM and deserves a chance to prove herself. One need not be a SME to be a Manager but should know to manage. I found Madhu’s campaign exceedingly tiresome as a result. Madhu has got used to pushing truth that others were trying to bury and perhaps did not know that times have changed. She has made a point and should let time tell who is right.
However, with the second, I have reservations. The fudging of affidavits cannot be brushed away as ‘typographical error’ or ‘oversight’. The reason why affidavits are made is to ensure that people are held to their words without any other recourse or excuse, should the contents be found to be inaccurate. Smriti should stand up to that standard and I sincerely believe that she is one of the few in Indian politics who has such strength . It will only make her stronger and not weak. She is only 38 and should go back to work with people and I honestly think that instead of ‘spending the goodwill earned’ mode she should go back to ‘invest to earn goodwill’ mode.
However, it is not complete and fair if others are allowed to benefit for such transgressions and only Smriti is singled out to undergo punishment. I am not saying at all that as others go scot-free, Smriti should also be let. I say that this is an opportunity to put to an end to an era,  an era when political parties routinely trivialize something as weighty as an affidavit. This is an opportunity to restore the faith in social values. It is time to tell those who think that they are above the Law that they are not.
This includes Sonia Gandhi whose election should be nullified and debarred from further contesting for another 6 years, who has fudged in an affidavit
Ditto for Rahul Gandhi too  should be given similar punishment.
Kapil Sibal who ‘forgot’ to include his wife’s property running into crores should also be debarred.
Those who have under oath that they do not have a DIN number, obtained second DIN should be sent to jail.
Those who fail to state the correct value of property should go too.
Those who fail to file the returns for years should also be punished.
Those who allowed the same person to enjoy status of common man when it comes to his ‘business transaction’ but privileged when he exempting from frisking in Airports.
Those who have indulged in shady deals with business houses with nothing except their relationship to high command also need to be brought to book.
Those who made Air India lose 40000 Crores should not be allowed to go free when a person in Canada is punished for paying bribe to him.
This list can go on and on but will only distract the message.
Message is, Smriti should take a higher moral ground and while she does so, Government should ensure that justice is meted to all those who are guilty of similar crime or worse. If only Smriti is to be punished, it indeed is not just, fair yet, Smriti will come out stronger by holding herself to higher standards. Smriti should make that choice and Government should make clean up the rest. 
Because that is the right thing to do.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

First Brown Then Red

Mass murders in History

One Mr Devu Chodanka is trying to escape from the clutches of Goa Police for posting ‘holocaust’ comment in FB. He allegedly posted, if Modi comes to power, there would be systematic elimination of minorities. This police action is based on the ignoble Section 66A of IT Act, brainchild of sycophantic Congress luminaries, created to protect their overlords from a possible exposure to truth. Such Control on thought seem a blue blooded Fascist act, that originated from Congress and had the support of the Left liberals who called it "reasonable restrictions" a moving goal post that suits their ideology.

Then there are many academicians imbibed with western inculcated values, who feel somewhat cheated because though they are well equipped with the liberal anti-Fascist, anti-Nazi vocabulary, there is hardly any opportunity available to them in India to put their skills to use. In these days of dearth of Fascist leaders, these intellectuals invent one in right wing politicians, just as their western Liberal leaders do. Here lies the irony. With no Right wing mass murderer like Hitler on the Right wing, what do they do? They commit verbicide, change the meaning of words to suit their political ideology. This post is about that perversion of meaning.  
In Indian politics, there are two types of political ideologies that compete for mandate to rule; both are left leaning ideologies. The only difference being the degree of leaning. We have on the left extreme, the ideologically orthodox, bloody Naxals and the towards the right extreme of the left ideologies, we have BJP. Every time I hear people describing BJP as ‘right of center’ party, I try not to bust my innards laughing.   How else do you call a party that comes to power by their subsidy programs that do not stir a man to go out to work? The BJP programs that make direct payment to the weak and needy will put socialist ruled states to shame, the essential difference being, BJP has successfully improved the quality of delivery by reducing waste and corruption.   That could possibly be a critical reason why BJP Governments are being re-elected. 

BJP follows such policies so as not to be relegated to irrelevance in Indian political scenario where votes have always been shared between left, pampering and appeasing parties, who present various Marxian hued ideals as political objectives; that easily appeal to the voters and also make the politician’s job less risky. While I agree that BJP is not center to right party, I also concede that, it is where BJP wants to be and to be there, it has to start where it has started. Modi has shown a center to right dream to the public and their resounding reply has been in the affirmative. Thus BJP has created a chance to be the first right of center party in India, but are not there yet. And Modi’s personalized leadership also paves way for BJP to break from the socialist mould.

Then there are those leaders from various other political parties, all of their calling card describing them as socialists, though of varying color, yet finally sharing a common DNA strand with Karl Marx, who truly believe that their duty to their cause is not complete without a mandatory comparison of Modi/ RSS/BJP with Hitler/Fascists/Nazis with predictable periodicity. Congress, SP, JDU, RJD, CPI-M, CPI, CPI-ML, CPI-M&L, CPI-M~L, what the heck, all the collection of bastardized revisionist Marxists, all of them stand for ‘social justice’, ‘Secularism’, equality and other democratic principles that were exemplified during Stalinist Russia. I am just trying to help you visualize the team. On the one hand, we have Socialists of all hues and on the other BJP, which again appears like another socialist party.  

So we have the teams well defined. In this division, those in the Left accuse the Right, whether it is the Liberals of the US or Left & Liberals of India, of being Fascists and Nazis. While the American Left paints all the rest as ‘racists’ and shame them out of debate, Indian Left and liberals use “communal” anadd-on accusations like Fascists and Hitler for good measure. Is Marxism, mother of Socialism, contrastingly different from Fascism and Nazism and did Right politics spring forth from the Fascist and Nazi wellspring? 

Nazi stands for ‘National Socialism’, mind you, not ‘National Capitalism’, socialism as in Lenin’s idea. While the world was boiling with the socialistic heating started by Soviet, its appeal being the international collaboration of Labor, there was no respectable opposition from Capitalism. 

While the Russian brand of socialism was attempting to forge an alliance at International level, Hitler, steeped in his hatred for Jews attempted to forge at Socialism at national level, further distilled through the racial classification. But they all were socialists. Sibling rivalry for the same piece of heirloom between Nazis and Communists does not make the two unrelated by blood.

The socialists argue that since Hitler started arresting Socialists and Communists, he was not a socialist. However, Hitler and Socialists were fighting for the same constituency, workers Union, and Hitler upped the ante with a strong Nationalistic fervor which won him the mandate. The workers chose a national variety of Socialism over International one. The Socialists of Germany recognized it by their slogan, ‘First Brown, then Red”, indicating that the Nazis, when they evolve will turn Socialists.

However, after knowing the outcome of history, the logic Socialists employ is “Capitalists are anti-Socialists. Hitler was anti-Socialist. Hence Hitler was Capitalist (right wing) and on this fallacy the world is being fed incessantly the Left propaganda that Hitler was a Capitalist right winger. 

Hitler lent evil aspects to his version of Socialism by adding racial hatred, anti-Semitism and genocidal hunger by projecting Jews as personified enemy. Hitler held Jews to be the reason for the misfortunes of Germans and in that aspect also, his views were similar to Marx, who was a Jew hating Jew.
Let us also see who else eliminated a section of their own country men by demonizing them. 
During the Red Terror of Lenin’s time, tens of thousands (Cossacks) perished and Lenin was a Socialist.
It wasStalin who killed around few Millions, also Socialist. Not Capitalist right winger. Of course, it was mere statistics to him, in a de-personified assessment of political cleansing.
Mao, another Socialist leader knocked off another 3~4 million and topped it with the massacres of people of Tibet.
Khmer Rouge, another Communist from Cambodia killed about 2 million out of a total population of 7 million
Further, those rogues like Che Guera, who famously said “if in doubt, kill him” is made to be a revolutionary. This is the kind of intellectual laziness that pervades Left ideology as with religious Supremacism, that peace is achievable after dissenting voices are eliminated. 

It is also to be noted that Monarch Fidel Castro, who anointed his brother as leader of Cuba, who has not let a whiff of democracy enter Cuba, is still the adored Communist socialist revolutionary to the Left. And all these Left organizations do not fail to carry a ‘democratic’ tag to their name, in their Sorelian spirit of lying through their teeth.

Other Socialist led killings have taken place in Vietnam, Romania, North Korea, Hungary all have had their share of killing those who held another view or accused of. Socialists are ones who glorify killing humans, justify it as legitimate political activity. Can one forget the twist the Marxist gave to the slaughter, rape and forced conversion of tens of thousands of Hindus in Kerala as one of revolution? It is the same DNA strand that is shared by Hitler and any self-respecting Socialist, to demonize section of humans as enemies and justify killing in cold blood. 
While Rwandan genocide was horrific, overseen by inept UN which could have avoided the death toll of this magnitude, the world also witnessed, though mutely, another genocidal horror at Darfur, with over 400000 dead and about 3 million displaced. It had nothing to do with Capitalism but with the regressive tribal/ racial feud, the latter had additionally religious Supremacy. One can stretch that tribal feud itself is the foul smell of Capitalism as Left would do but for that you will have to water-board truth, which the Left is capable of doing as a matter of course.
Iraq war with casualty of about 200000 dead, perpetrated by religious Right wing Bush, hogged the limelight while the millions in Darfur died, sometimes at the rate of 10000 per month. Darfur was a Muslims killing Muslims variety of genocide which had all classical Nazi elements. Yet, the attention it drew was insignificant in comparison to the Iraq war, because the Left liberals do not consider it of good propaganda value and it does not fit in their overall ‘socialist story’ and let it be.
In the last 8 to 9 decades the mass killing of people was carried out almost exclusively by Left ideology or by religious Supremacists. But these are the two groups who ceaselessly allege right wing of pogrom and genocide.
In this light, the current roll call of the Left and liberal leadership and Muslim voices alleging RSS and BJP to be the next Nazi party and Hitler is just continuation of their old trick.
If any political ideology has dehumanized one’s own people, made enemies of a section of one’s own countrymen, intellectualized the spin into political hate with nice sounding words, such ideology has always come from the Left constituency. As a concerted diversionary tactic (to borrow another word from Marxian Lexicon) they point their fingers at political right as culprits while turning blind to the millions and millions scorched by the Marxian, Left ideologies all over the world.
We in India need not be perturbed if the Left liberals keep up their fear mongering that Modi will be the next Hitler. It is those Left who uphold an ideology as final truth who will resort to violence and never a Hindu for whom the truth is ever changing.  Fundamentally, Hindus have been non-violent as a result of their philosophy (not because of cowardice) and are truly secular due to the concept of ‘Vasudeva Kudumbakam’ ingrained in Hindu psyche. When the Godless Left and Supremacist religionists accuse Modi, it always pays to pause and reflect on the objectives of these groups, i.e., domination of the world with their violent ideology. Let us ever remind ourselves who the real left overs of Hitler are. It is always the side Left takes.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

#Mission 2019 "Congress Mukht Bharat"

#Mission2019 – ‘Congress Mukht Bharat’
There are many who thrive by repeating clich├ęs, yet call themselves political pundits because they repeat better or are better connected than others or both. Till day before yesterday,  from the days of coalition politics, the pundits never tired themselves of telling the plebs that the days of coalition politics is here to stay for good.  And surprise, surprise, the same pundits tell us now that the coalition politics is over for India. If not for these precious gems of wisdom from the ‘intelligentsia’ we, the rest of Indians would be thrown back to the dark ages of barbarism and anarchy.
While such inanities continue to be sold to us, the truth shall march silently, paying no attention to the simians lost in self-amusement.
From today, a section of political pundits have deigned to tell us that ‘Congress will bounce back’.  There is no basis for such a claim except that it cannot be disproved ever. I shudder every time I think of these pundits, living life of danger and peril.
The stated and repeated objective of Modiji undoubtedly has been ‘Congress Mukht Bharat’ and there is no reason to believe that he does not mean it any more nor is any to believe that the objective is bound to be diluted in future days. And I am sure that BJP has laid out plans to ensure that the next election will ensure that India continues to be ‘mukht’ of Congress.

 ‘Congress Mukht Bharat’ is one of the attractive appeals to many voters, motivation for voting BJP to power; even if it was not the only reason, at least one of the delectable possibilities that seems to have united all of the voters. And for this reason, the victory in 2014 is a challenging one to BJP as this goal post is not something that can be reached so that it can be declared that the objective is reached. It is more like removing cancer cells to begin a healthy life, yet hold the fear of the dreadful days returning surreptitiously, when no one notices.
One of the toughest challenges that can turn into a possible failure of BJP in 2019 could be dissatisfaction arising out of the expectations of people not being met, though not for want of trying by BJP but because of the stupendous expectation hanging in the air. And each of those failed expectations is bound to fail a section of people who have voted Modiji. Too many failed expectation will allow the ‘Congress Mukht Bharat’ to resurrect, an outcome no one wants, except the dregs of the British who managed to rule India till today, for most part of the time at least.
There are many promises that have been made on ‘progress’ and ‘development’ front which, only time will tell if BJP could deliver on them. Having seen Modi’s speech at Kaashi, I suspect the blue print is ready in the backroom.

On the other hand, in its clamor for progress and development, will BJP take the forgiving approach and provide passive exoneration in the following cases? I am leaving out the ones that are already visible (as a tip of an iceberg) like 2G, Coal scam but only focus on the under reported with great opportunity.
Bringing these cases to a logical end will improve the chances of seeing 2019 as year of “Congress Mukht Bharat’. It will also send a message to the criminals that the days of ‘maaf’ are over and they will have to pay the price for their sins. Prevention of crime and conviction of culprits, both are necessary to reduce crime and if one of them is weak, crime will thrive. Here is my list to start with. This is not witch hunt, but bringing justice back to Indian political domain.

·         PSU Board appointment: This is an investigation that will go up to Damad and is one sure nail in Congress’ coffin.
·         Hasan Ali: Will spill the names of the high and mighty in Congress for whom he peddled in Hawala.
·         Siachan: An inquiry into Sonia’s involvement in Government’s secret attempt to give Siachen, the people in the Army who sat with Sonia and team to draft the plan will show what kind of anti-nationals Congress has been
·         Cash for Vote: Role of Congress in threatening media into submission which led to innocents being punished which allowed Congress to be in power through illegal means.
·         Counterfeit notes and connection to Politicians in UP/Kashmir
·         Naval Accidents, failure
·         VK Singh DOB
·         Diverting Cong fund for News paper shares/ National Herald take over by Rahul
·         Air India
·         Augusta
·         Smuggling antiques
·         Drug Mafia
·         Vadra Land scam
·         Sunanda Tharoor
·         Media management
·         Appointment of Minorities
·         Bangla Migration
·         Burmese Muslim Migration to India
·         Sonia's medical bill
·         Support toTeesta
·         Sreekumar support (Including the ISRO case)
·         Zoya’s statement to disenfranchise Hindus in India
-     Deliver Non-Bailable arrest warrant to Imam Bukhari, show State is no wimp

If you have any more to be remembered, add it as comment or send a mail to and I will keep this page updated to remind ourselves the list of items that needs to be pursued to ensure #Mission 2019, “Congress Mukht Bharat”
Any suggestion?