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Peshawar Tragedy and Brigade of Selective Outrage

Tipping point –ahoy!

With Sidney Siege, Islamic terrorism opened its latest franchise office in new geographical location on 11th Dec 2014. The tipping point for the world to retaliate against the Supremacists just got one step closer. 

This is how I had started this blog this morning, but went on to another topic and left this one hanging. Hardly did I realize the world was moving too fast for me. Between morning 16th Dec and evening 16th Dec more blood has been shed by followers of Islam, this time a score settled amongst themselves but with not with cruelty level unseen.  I have never tried to write two blogs in a day, but today is not the same. 

The slaying of children, about 130 of them, there cannot be a milder term for it, is heart rending. So many dreams have been shattered. Parents burying the children, is one of the most devastating tragedies in any culture, anywhere. In Hindu culture ‘Putra Shok’ in unequalled in misery.
There was news of a teacher being first burnt in front of children. The Islamic terrorists, Talibanis, asked children of Military personnel to identify themselves and selectively shot them, it was also reported. The Talibani Islamic terrorists had claimed that they carried out this dastardly act as a revenge for Pakistani action of killing their kith and kin. The dead leave a destroyed set of parents, the living, carrying most horrendous memories within.

However, I am here to do some analysis of the outrage that poured out. I fail to understand some of them and think some of them are motivated, designed to deflect blame, cover up real crime etc. And hence this piece.  My allegation is straight from the hip. The outrage is directionally proportional to the religion of the victim. In that, the Islamic society has the best of both worlds. It produces 90% of the terrorists and it gets the sympathy when the terrorists kill one of them. The non-Muslims just do not seem to matter.

It is hardly a day past another terrorist attack in Sydney, by another Islamic terrorist, this time a middle aged, manipulative, high profile one who has also a charge sheet as long as an arm, from killing his spouse to molestation. This person being a criminal does not mean he did not carry out the terrorist act as an Islamic soldier, which he wore as a head scarf, communicating very clearly, the Shahada, the first pillar of Islam.  

Yet, when it was over, the sympathies were overwhelmingly in favour of the Muslim population, intending to protect them from an imagined crime on Australian psyche, with one stupid woman starting #IllRidewithyou.  

That was sick. There were two human beings, one a mother of three and another a young man who died in the tragedy and this distraction was just what the doctored ordered to divert attention. The liberals clung on to it and trended it on Twitter while there were equal number of people denouncing the perversity of the hashtag. The horror of imagined fear took precedence over a real tragic death of two truly innocent individuals; both died in the process of saving others. It was an insult to injury. The Australians were killed and made to bear the guilt.
For the last few months there is an atrocity going on unabated in the neighbourhood of Islamic world. We are not talking about a day or two of atrocity but a concerted effort to kill, rape, and harm a tribe in the name of religion is taking place right under the nose of the Islamic world going on for over few months now.  The tragedy of Yezidis.  The reason, failure to convert to Islam.

There are varying reports coming out of different sources putting the death toll between 900 to over 5000, the UN stating 1600 to 1800 killed. 5000 to 7000 Yezdis have been abducted. Let me correct to give you the jarring gravity of the situation. 5000 to 7000 Yezdi women have been abducted. And what is the fate of these women? They are auctioned,  raped, and killed by maniacal #ISIS fighters. 

There was no dearth of evidence. The UN went as far as saying that the ‘assault’ on Yezidis may be genocide (http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2014/10/21/un-official-saysisilassaultsyazidipossiblegenocide.html)

The apathy with which UN treats Yezidis is deplorable but not unusual. UN watched the genocide in Bangladesh, and the till today has not lifted a finger to prosecute the State of Pakistan. UN was again a mute witness to in Darfur where Arab Muslims cleaned up the local Muslims in which 480,000 people died. UN buried this as ‘humanitarian disaster’. Again in Rwanda, it stood by as the genocide of Tutsis where the number ranges from half a million to one million.

Now just the photos which will tell stories ( pulled out from Twitter #Yezidis )

How can you not cry for them?

Use and throw woman

Price List for women

How many were repulsed by the massacre of the defenseless Yezidis? Where were they all when the young women were being sold for rape day in and day out? How may heard their plea to US to bomb and kill them, as that seemed preferable to the hell they were going through.

There were Liberals mocking the use of wrong photograph, intentionally burying a horror story under hubris with a clear intent of covering up the crimes for the ISIS. One Indian Journalist, who had hobnobbed with Taliban, inviting him to Goa Fest, was in awe of the same ISIS and prayed that they go to Gaza to take on the Yehudis. The crimes of ISIS were not seen by any of these Liberals. They unashamedly walked around with their hands with Yezidi blood dripping.
Now seeing the Peshawar incident, one may think that this is the most heinous one to befall humanity in recent memory. It is not. As the shrill gets higher in Pakistan, Yezidis are still dying. With no one caring for them. It is tough to tell if the apathy is because Yezidis are not Muslims or because the killers are Muslims. I do not want to be blinded by the selective outrage unleashed by the brigade of soft Jihadis going around in the name of Pacifists. Their milk of kindness is available only after the religion check.

I am even more outraged by the gang of depraved, demented Islamic terrorist Back office, who cannot refer to Islamic terror without making up a incendiary anti-Jew or anti-Hindu remarks.

Bakh Chee

Who commits the worse crime here? The one who pulls the trigger or the one who covers up the crime? It is difficult to see the distinction between them. I see the   ISIS, Al Queda, Talibani forces coming with less hypocrisy and the abetters steeped in depravity. It is these gangs of intellectualizers of religious supremacists that gives oxygen to the ones on the ground who kill, rape and blow themselves up amongst innocent civilians.

I want to see what will be the reaction if I bring in a related and real crime of Islamic followers when the selective outrage is deafening us. But not an irrelevant one. A relevant one. Let me see how many fig leaves are there in their quiver.

The Liberals in India started a #IndiaWithPakistan to trend only to be slapped with #StoppedIndianTerrorInPak in return. Do I need to say more? 

Helping Yezidis - No expectation in return
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