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India's vote against Israel in UN - Another look

When ‘Best’ is the enemy of ‘Good’, the Bad wins

From yesterday I have been fighting BJP supporters who have been vocal in protesting against India’s vote against Israel.
UN voting

Some of the contents were strong indeed.

Some made comparison with UPA

Some went even further

In two months,  the marriage appeared to be in tatters, with no trace having had a honey moon together. The tone was not of disagreement but of betrayal and cheating. In good measure this was also there on twitter.

And this

Somehow most people get hurt by actions and inactions of our political leaders and are willing to launch into destructive mode without a second thought.
Blast from the past
On May 16th 2014, the results of the new election were announced and we are into the third month since BJP assumed power. It does not mean that BJP has started a new era totally divested of the consequences of actions of the past government. It is a continuation.
Let us look at what BJP inherited from  Congress.
1.       Economy in shambles
2.       Media manned by Congress sympathizers (including film Industry)
3.       Oligapoly in the name of coterie
4.       Democratic institutions eroded by parallel rule of NAC
5.       A PM who stood and watched for two decades
6.       Corrupted idea of secularism, appeasement in exchange for votes policy
7.       Divisive and internicine caste politics
8.       Communal elements who hold sway within India with trans-border loyalty
9.       Politicized administrative machinery
10.   Judiciary which seems to have been influenced by Executive
11.   Politicized Defence forces
12.   Looted public assets
13.   Artificially inflated $ rate, suspected to fund election
14.   Anti-Majoritism
15.   Revengeful tax policies
16.   Failing infrastructure
17.   Demoralized manufacturing sector
18.   ……
19.   ……
The net of it is, India was slowly wasting away its economic power due to inaction, looting and policy coma. There was a group of people with no direct mandate from people, yet acting as one with powers that even exceeded the Cabinet. Media spoke and wrote what the Congress government wanted and wrapped news that were not palatable to the establishment. Malicious and anti-democratic camapigns were carried out against elected state Governments, reducing the federal structure to a farce. Free speech was under pressure with draconian laws. CBI was not ashamed of carrying a moniker “Congress Bureau of Investigation”. Cases against political leaders were dropped which was miraculously and without fail followed by its support to Congress .
Those who are crying like children denied of a toffee should remember what it was two months ago. This change was not achieved with ease. Modiji had to fight all of them without compromising what he stood for, the politics, the power, media, NGOs, false cases, Collectors and Election commissoners.
Few chapters can be filled to remind us of the ditch we were in during Congress time.
Promise of Future
There is a clear larger objective BJP keeps repeating, that is,  Congress Mukht Bharat. This is an idea to which many like me have voted as the idea of Congress has become so corrupt that there is no chance that it will turn around to make contribution to our nation.  Mother and Son are unabashedly strutting around as divine rulers of India while the slaves are ready to accept their fuedal lords without questioning, unbecoming of members of democracy.
With the election of BJP, India cannot start doing what is right immediately. It is a strategic move that should take into consideration our economic and social plights.
The only way the dreams inspired by BJP, for which people have voted, becomes a chance of becoming reality is by India becoming economically strong.
You need more money to build a world class defence. Wars are not fought with Guns and Ships. It is fought with money.
You need more money to invest in infrastructure that will go in reducing our oil dependency. Irony is, if the economy spurs, so spurs demand for oil and consequenty the price. It would seem we Indians work harder to pay more to our oil suppliers. To move the energy dependency partially to local sources is not something one can do in a day or a month or year. And till it is done, it is foolish to pick a fracas with our energy suppliers for any such incident only will increase our oil bill. Lower our saving. The largest objective is to avoid that, even if it means voting against Israel as a short term measure.
You need more money to lay dedicated, high speed railway tracks which will reduce our oil consumption, moving the freight traffic from road to rail.
We need more money to build capacity in Passenger rail to move more passengers from road to rail.
We need more money to supply power to produce Steel and Cement to build that rail line
We need more money to provide energy to those Steel and Cement plants to produce more Steel and Cement
And to achieve all these, we need patience.
 If we vote with Israel, those who oppose us should know that we cannot be pushed because we are strong. Bravado is not the answer. It works only in Amitabh and Dharam movies and not in real life.
So the fight is long and demanding. The fruits may not be available to some of us in our lifetime. It may elude most of us for years. But I thought the idea of electing BJP to power emnated from Nationalists who are ready for a sacrifice and a long fight to make our nation stronger. To see people who lose heart in two months is disappointing.
The emotionally challenged BJP fans are asking for the best and now. There is a message for them. When you demand the best, you are killing the good. And when you kill the good, only the bad will remain on the field, with Best unachieved, good dead and only bad surviving.
All this bickering for ideal state will weaken a realistic chance we have to build a great nation in thenext 10 years. While we build we will do things we will cherish and also things that we know we wish we do not have to. We will do things we will regret. But as long as the actions are not meant to defeat the objective with which we started, remember, short term sacrifices are only short term.
Dear BJP voters, kindly think about it. Change will take time. To take a weak country to a position of strength will take time. First we have to stand strong as an economic power before we flaunt our political muscles.
Jai Hindi 

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