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Malaparamba Mattummal Kshetram

Kerala’s communal History

I came across @anjaliGorg in Twitter as a person who spoke her mind, unshackled by upbringing, a sign of inquisitive mind that conquers inherent and instilled prejudices of milieu one is born in. I am always fascinated by people who express views that are individualistic and a result of arriving at a conclusion after internal debate as against those who only repeat intelligent sounding words heard somewhere. If one trains the ears and mind, surely one can hear the distance between the spoken words and the ideas that spur them. The larger the distance between them, the faker the person is. 

Mattummal Bala Aalayam

In one of her tweets she had mentioned about Malaparaba Mattummal Narasimhamoorthy temple and its gory history. Her tweets suggested that the destruction of the temple was only symbolic, the real one being the intrinsic tolerant values that are commonplace in India.
As a frequent visitor to Kerala, that too, to the abode of my chosen deity that is situated within an hour’s drive of this temple, I determined to visit Malaparamba Mattummal temple. 

The desire to visit the temple is culmination of multiple wants in me. Here I try to sum it up here as a historical narrative of the temple. 

This is a temple that bears multiple scars of destruction carried out by Islamic groups of various hues from different timeline. The modernity and the era of the Islamists notwithstanding, the result has been consistently the same. 

During the onslaught of Tipu Sultan, this temple, it is said, was destroyed for the first time. The depravity of Tipu Sultan, that he considered a desirable Islamic quality, is well documented well through history. It is another matter that post-independence secular politics in India put a wrap on that. “Tipu Sultan – The tyrant of Mysore” by Sandeep Balakrishnan details the atrocities committed by Tipu in Kerala. The current Muslim folks of Kerala, most of them, are descendants of forefathers who were forced to convert by Tipu.  As a result of the wanton destruction of the temple, the temple fell to disuse and ruins.

The temple also was targeted during the Maplah riot in which Islamic ideology committed a modest genocide in Kerala. 

During 1947 one Unees Sahib took over the land of Mattummal temple on lease and used the wooden columns of the ruins of the temple to build latrine in his bungalow. Uneen Sahib suffered innumerable problems including health that drove him to consult the Hindu wisdom. It is also said he had a vision of Goddess Durga in his dream and Uneen Sahib turned a new leaf in his life.

Uneen Sahib turned vegetarian, subsequently converted to Hinduism at Calicut Arya Samaj presided over by a Punjabi, Buddha Singh. To the chagrin of modern day secularists, he was also made a Brahmin, marrying him to a Namboori woman. The local RSS leader Shri Shankar Sastri ji was instrumental for the conversion as well as the protection.

Uneen Sahib, who became Ramasimha said that he was a Muslim by accident; as a result of his grandmother’s decision to convert. His brother, wife and children too converted, children taking Sikh names.

The Muslim community rattled by this conversion did not take it lightly. It is not out of place to recall that Islam seeks to punish apostasy by death. They did just that. Killed Ramasimhan, his pregnant wife, his brother and cook.

The case was investigated and the Palghat sessions court sentenced four people to death. However, it is said, with the help of Sri Kozhipurathu Madhava Menon, a lawyer, evidences were destroyed and High court of Madras acquitted all for want of evidence.

It is also mentioned by many that the estranged Father-in-law of Uneen Sahib (who was married to a Muslim woman before committing apostasy) Kalladi Unnikkammu Sahib as well as the lawyer Madhava Menon turned mad.

After years of fighting, the Hindus have got back a princely 67 cents, about 0.1% of the original 600 Acres that belongs to the temple where a Balaalayam (temporary abode) has been erected by the patrons. In what should be the temple land, domes of Islamic character adorn.

With Islamic backdrop

The usual suspects galore in this story. Violent Islamists, sword wielding invaders, iconoclasts, Marxist politicians who turn a blind eye to Hindu interest, Newspapers who take pain to see that the news does not reach public, apathetic Judicial system, corrupt justice etc etc.

In all this, what we can do is, donate generously to the temple, make those lonely fighters financially strong and help the local Hindus regain some respect deserving a human being.I was told in the temple that Yeddurappa ji donated INR 1,000,000/-
For those who want to donate kindly see details here
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Atrocity Literature Alert - USCIRF makes another Feeble attempt

USCIRF reports lies - Who cares?

Today there would be outrage against USCIRF report, as another arm of the US foreign policy churns out ‘Atrocity Literature’, a political tool aimed at subduing independent minded countries. Year after year, USCIRF releases one sided, factually incorrect, insidious lies with the blessings of the US Government. The arrogance of USCIRF as it pretends to be wholesale custodian stems from two of its make-believe attributes; American Exceptionalism and Christian Altruism. These vacuous attributes are not the topic here, but soon will be elsewhere. 

2014 Report:

In Page 21 the report alleges complicity of Narendra Modi in the riot that resulted in an estimated 1100 to 2000 Muslims. There are two lies cleverly concealed in this statement. 

First lie is that 1000 to 2000 Muslims died in 2002 riots. The actual casualties are 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus, a total of less than 1100 people.  The report written in 2015 still peddles exaggerated numbers to reach a foregone biased conclusion. 

Second lie is its allusion to Modi’s complicity in the riot. One of the facts that USCIFR does not want to touch is that most of the Hindus who died in the riot were killed by police bullets. That is only one of the reasons. The Indian courts have cleared Modi’s complicity and still USCIFR arrogates to the contrary and plenty more are the other reasons.The net of it is, that one single sentence is a false alibi to a million ill-intents, all inspired by American interest.

From Wendy Doninger to USCIRF, these are manufacturing units for Atrocity Literature working tirelessly to corrode other cultures to promote American business interest through export of Christian values. Mostly of those altruistic Protestant Christian values are cloaked in Liberal values that appeal to the eager to please variety of Indians, from Left and Right political ideology.

The only incident USCIFR substantially relies on is the Muzzafarnagar riot in which the narrative struggles to airspray truth to paint it the way it wants it to be seen. The other references of water cannoning of a Dalit rally is pathetic during Congress rule. The narrative fails to state this clearly, hoping that this allegation will be laid at Modi ji's feet. Further, the report also makes innuendos that Indian Police and Courts are archaic, corrupt and antiquated. Coming from a country that shoots down people like Indians swat flies in Mango season, this is really rich. 

The report decries our justice system which handed down punishment for the murderers of Laxmananda Saraswathi because the murderers turned out to be Christians. The report attempts to make Indian Judiciary some sort of Kangaroo court, an insult to injury.

2015 Report:

The 2015 report contents are being added now: 
As expected the report paints the Indian Law and Order and Judiciary as inadequate. The usual tactics to make the Indian Liberals cringe. 

The atrocities listed are minor or inconsequential. However the report also does not list out the element of anti-national activities of Islamic group nor does it talk of the proselytizing Christian evangelist. The report starts from the assumption that these two are legitimate actions. It quotes fake statistics that 'Ghar Wapsi' was achieved by giving USD 3200 to Christians and USD 8000 to convert Muslims. This is the level of contrived and imagined evidence the report is made of. 

The grouse is 'Ghar Wapsi' while conversions by Evangelists is apparently legal. The report cites 6 instances of crime against Christians, yes, a grand total of SIX instances without mentioning that all these instances have been proven not to be linked to religious intolerance. 
That is all the crime it lists out. There is no meat in the substance and what the report lacks in substance, it makes up with prejudice. 

What should be India’s response?

We should just stop using Governmental response to this report. USCIFR has only betrayed its bias, steeped in its hate for any non-Christian culture, its proselytizing fervor, penchant to create ‘Atrocity literature’ as a dutiful dog of its US political masters.

And Modi ji’s Government is doing most of what should be done. I am sure there are many more actions planned that mortals like me will not know till it is revealed.

Let us move the trade to countries other than the US. Actively India should try and reduce trade with US as a strategy for the next 10 years. India cannot afford to be insulted by a country that also wants to trade with us. Instead of verbal retort, India should act to reduce trade dependencies on the US. 

Rafale planes maybe Ambassadors amongst war planes. But it was with Ambassadors India started to reach a level of self-reliance today that makes it a strong Global power.

While we downplay the trade importance with the US, we should also come down heavily on the business of proselytization sponsored by American Churches. BJP government should understand the importance of unleashing the Hindu power, the just and Dharmic power, to strengthen nationalism and self-reliance. Freeing the temple wealth to be used for the Hindu cause will ensure that the poor and needy Hindus do not have to convert to get education and health. In the absence of an alternative, the Christian churches have an uneven advantage in luring the poor section of Hindus with free education and health.And BJP is doing that too.

Finally, there should be concerted effort to boycott one, just one, American product. There is nothing better understood by Americans than profit. To teach a lesson, if we boycott, when I say we, the BJP supporters alone, Coke and its products like Kinley, for a month or a quarter and cause a significant dent in its revenue, it will send a message that cannot be misunderstood by Americans. That we mean business and we know how to hit back where it hurts. 

It does not matter if we win or lose in this. Most important is that we start the process of fight back. The victory will not come the first time but will come in time.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

How Presstitutes can be beaten in their own game

My ideal of Crowd Funded Media

When I see the injured RW supporters in SM, enraged over intentional misreporting by Media in India, I feel only frustrated. The Media in India is not called ‘Presstitutes’ without valid reason. The media has become a den for blackmailers and fixers who will sell ideologically loaded lies, perhaps for a price.

I am not much into watching news nowadays. I get mine from Twitter. I get to hear and see all sorts of voices and visuals in twitter, views and counter views without bottleneck called anchor. The tweets talk of topics that are anathema to the MSM for political, ideological or perhaps tinged with economic considerations. The tweeples share aspects of news intentionally ignored by the media.

Let us take few examples, starting with Church vandalism. Whenever a church is vandalized, the media covers it with exaggerated importance and runs the visuals over and over again with inflammatory captions. The common theme is that the Churches are attacked as an anti-minority policy implementation by the Hindu extremists. This happens when the crime is discovered, filling the minds of the viewers; however when the crime is solved, the Media turns McCavity.
Does anyone think that the media innocently fails to cover the identities of the culprit every time? There is a method to this omission.  The same can be said of the coverage of Modi’s suit, Gen V K Singh, Giriraj etc etc. The last one is the death of Gajendra Singh in a rally held by AAP. 
-The media calls him a Farmer while he is not. 
-It screams the death is a result of the ill-conceived Land Acquisition Bill while the death is related to failed crops. 

Even this is contentious as the victim turns out to be a person of non-agricultural means eyeing political position. That is another matter. But what matters is the reporting by Media that peddles lies knowing them to be lies.
Where does it take us to? 
We have to see the status of the Anchors viz a viz the Organization. All the media organizations are not investments that give healthy return on investment. But the anchors have expansive lifestyle. This is an elephant in the room. 
A quick look here will be an eye opener
I am not here to list out the misdeeds of Presstitutes who work in Publishing brothels
I am trying to be outlandishly stupid here. Make a proposal that is worth being laughed at. But I have a starting point. Intend to learn from here and build one or help someone build eventually. Even if it takes two years, five years or ten. 
When I suggested we start a Crowd funded Media, people who knew better told me that only corporations can run Media and individuals have no wherewithal.
But I challenge that view. I am not suggesting that the Media we put up has to have tens of foot soldiers to feed us news. I know that costs money and is our weakness. We do not have to collect news that is already available from news feeds and SM. There is no benefit spending money there. Media has a brutal power in this field but thanks to SM the dissemination of news is no more a monopoly. 
Where we find deficient service is in the interpretation of the news. The debates. Hence my proposal is to have a Media that operates from 7:00 PM to 11: 00 PM mainly analysing the news honestly. Covering news items that are concealed by MSM. Expounding aspects of news kept under wrap by the media. Giving voices that are stifled by MSM.

By doing this, those who want to hear the truth will deliver a double whammy to Presstitutes. While the false propaganda gets less coverage, their TRP also gets hit.  Market will force the Presstitutes to go easy on peddling lies. Unless the Presstitutes are punished for their wrong doings, there is no incentive for them to discontinue their presstitution.

The technology can be used to bring bright minds together. Run honest, scrupulous debates, without caring a hoot for TRP and take the completion to the Presstitutes.  People go to see TV debates to see all aspects of the news covered. This need can be filled by honest debate without dramatics, without hyperbole and without prodding by western interests influencing debate policy.
Predominantly the format will be intelligent and sober debates. I have already seen what @mmpandit can achieve with few bright minds and technology. This can be broad based.
Out of the four hours I foresee 2 hours of debate; one hour of documentary and one hour of cultural program in vernacular. 
If we fail take on this task we will be fated to spend all our energy countering the lies spread by MSM. Like terrorists, the MSM will have to win once. It will be the curse for India and its democracy, its cultural past. History and nation as Bharat.
Question is, will it work? What will it take to make it work? Is it so far from a workable format? What is required to make it work? This is the first phase to be covered. I would like to hear from people who can first find fault with this skeletal plan. Will be eternally indebted if you take time to punch hole in this idea and tell me why it will not work.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Redwood Smugglers

Is truth coming out?

Yesterday, 7th April 2015, 20 people were shot dead in the Seshachalam forests, Chittoor District AP. It appears that a horde of people from Tamil Nadu had entered the forest, apparently employed by Redwood mafia. There were reports that they traveled in a Bus and the number of smugglers is put in the rage of 100 or so.

The smugglers seem to have known their business and from the way they have arranged it at this scale shows that it is not spontaneously they took the same bus (contracted, it appears) They knew where they were going and carried the tools required for the act. The sheer size indicates that this is an organized event, probably sponsored by some bigwigs in the background. Knowing how it works in TN, it is a Sangam of sewages of Police, Forest officials and politicians with counterparts on the other side.

Taking a bus across a state border requires passing check-posts of RTO, forest and probably even Tax authorities. No one had noticed that suddenly a group of wood cutters have taken to tourism to AP forests, with tools screaming the intent. And this group knew they will have to take a route similar to this with the contraband, probably. The very act that this was carried out under the very nose of various authorities on either side of the border indicates that it was business as usual.

This shows a total failure of administrative and law enforcement systems that are supposed to prevent Redwood cutting and smuggling. It is most probably being carried out by political powers of feudal origin that spells terror in the Govt employees who could have been cowed into keeping their eyes shut for pecuniary gains, the other choice being victimization.

However, the news that 20 of them were shot dead leaves one numb with disbelief. This was carried out by a newly formed Task force, it is reported. This organization probably is not in the know of 'Business as usual'. It is also possible that someone higher up who wanted to shut down the smuggling knew that relying on the usual law enforcement on the ground is ineffective and hence brought these people in. Either way the cure has been sought after the rot had set in the system.

And once the news of killing the usual political parasites were there to inflame the situation. These are bane of TN politics and there seems to be no 'mukti' for TN from these toxic leaders. All of them only add fuel and talk emotions instead of calming down the situation which is the need of the hour.

On the other hand, strangely, AP supporters were in full force rationalizing the killing. The divide is along linguistic and state border and I am maddened why it is not along the truth line.

There is no doubt that the smugglers were there with an intent to commit crime at a massive scale. It is also possible they were so brazen they thought their number gave them strength that they thought the AP Forest dept employees are impotent against their numeric strength. Probably they also threatened the AP law enforcing agencies, taunted and insulted them. Probably they attacked the Task force with stones and Axe as reported. Let me concede all of that.

The Task force could have been circumspect and chased them away. They could have asked for support on border to round up the smugglers. They could have taken photograph of the smugglers and initiated a massive legal proceeding. They could have shot some in the legs. Some in the chest.

But what makes it suspect is that all 20 are killed. It is difficult to shoot at a group of 20 and kill of of them. That is my point. There is no report of any survivors. That is the story that needs to be told. I do not want to make anyone a heartless human. Even those who shot are humans from our own ethos. I think they got scared and did not want to take any prisoners. May be they erred in the procedure and went on to wipe out all evidences by killing some of them in cold blood.

That is the story that needs to told. We need to know why there were no prisoners. Why no one survived with injuries, serious or otherwise. This is an evidence that cannot be wished away. The men of Task forces are not such sharp shooters that they shoot to kill every time. If they are indeed, they could have shot not to kill a few. If they are not sharp shooters, the probability of not leaving some injured is not a good alibi in their favor.

The truth alone can calm the situation and the TN leaders steeped in chauvinism are not expected to achieve it. It will take a lot of persuasion and time to heal this wound.