Thursday, April 23, 2015

How Presstitutes can be beaten in their own game

My ideal of Crowd Funded Media

When I see the injured RW supporters in SM, enraged over intentional misreporting by Media in India, I feel only frustrated. The Media in India is not called ‘Presstitutes’ without valid reason. The media has become a den for blackmailers and fixers who will sell ideologically loaded lies, perhaps for a price.

I am not much into watching news nowadays. I get mine from Twitter. I get to hear and see all sorts of voices and visuals in twitter, views and counter views without bottleneck called anchor. The tweets talk of topics that are anathema to the MSM for political, ideological or perhaps tinged with economic considerations. The tweeples share aspects of news intentionally ignored by the media.

Let us take few examples, starting with Church vandalism. Whenever a church is vandalized, the media covers it with exaggerated importance and runs the visuals over and over again with inflammatory captions. The common theme is that the Churches are attacked as an anti-minority policy implementation by the Hindu extremists. This happens when the crime is discovered, filling the minds of the viewers; however when the crime is solved, the Media turns McCavity.
Does anyone think that the media innocently fails to cover the identities of the culprit every time? There is a method to this omission.  The same can be said of the coverage of Modi’s suit, Gen V K Singh, Giriraj etc etc. The last one is the death of Gajendra Singh in a rally held by AAP. 
-The media calls him a Farmer while he is not. 
-It screams the death is a result of the ill-conceived Land Acquisition Bill while the death is related to failed crops. 

Even this is contentious as the victim turns out to be a person of non-agricultural means eyeing political position. That is another matter. But what matters is the reporting by Media that peddles lies knowing them to be lies.
Where does it take us to? 
We have to see the status of the Anchors viz a viz the Organization. All the media organizations are not investments that give healthy return on investment. But the anchors have expansive lifestyle. This is an elephant in the room. 
A quick look here will be an eye opener
I am not here to list out the misdeeds of Presstitutes who work in Publishing brothels
I am trying to be outlandishly stupid here. Make a proposal that is worth being laughed at. But I have a starting point. Intend to learn from here and build one or help someone build eventually. Even if it takes two years, five years or ten. 
When I suggested we start a Crowd funded Media, people who knew better told me that only corporations can run Media and individuals have no wherewithal.
But I challenge that view. I am not suggesting that the Media we put up has to have tens of foot soldiers to feed us news. I know that costs money and is our weakness. We do not have to collect news that is already available from news feeds and SM. There is no benefit spending money there. Media has a brutal power in this field but thanks to SM the dissemination of news is no more a monopoly. 
Where we find deficient service is in the interpretation of the news. The debates. Hence my proposal is to have a Media that operates from 7:00 PM to 11: 00 PM mainly analysing the news honestly. Covering news items that are concealed by MSM. Expounding aspects of news kept under wrap by the media. Giving voices that are stifled by MSM.

By doing this, those who want to hear the truth will deliver a double whammy to Presstitutes. While the false propaganda gets less coverage, their TRP also gets hit.  Market will force the Presstitutes to go easy on peddling lies. Unless the Presstitutes are punished for their wrong doings, there is no incentive for them to discontinue their presstitution.

The technology can be used to bring bright minds together. Run honest, scrupulous debates, without caring a hoot for TRP and take the completion to the Presstitutes.  People go to see TV debates to see all aspects of the news covered. This need can be filled by honest debate without dramatics, without hyperbole and without prodding by western interests influencing debate policy.
Predominantly the format will be intelligent and sober debates. I have already seen what @mmpandit can achieve with few bright minds and technology. This can be broad based.
Out of the four hours I foresee 2 hours of debate; one hour of documentary and one hour of cultural program in vernacular. 
If we fail take on this task we will be fated to spend all our energy countering the lies spread by MSM. Like terrorists, the MSM will have to win once. It will be the curse for India and its democracy, its cultural past. History and nation as Bharat.
Question is, will it work? What will it take to make it work? Is it so far from a workable format? What is required to make it work? This is the first phase to be covered. I would like to hear from people who can first find fault with this skeletal plan. Will be eternally indebted if you take time to punch hole in this idea and tell me why it will not work.


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