Friday, September 11, 2015

Meat Ban, Modi Chandigarh Visit- Common element

Real Enemy is inside

Media has blown the Meat ban out of proportion. I have been asked (as I am transparent RW amongst my friends) even by BJP sympathetic ones who were criticizing BJP why a needless controversy is being created by BJP. I had to tell them that this is the not the first time it is happening in India nor  is the first time the media has taken a non-issue and blown beyond proportion or laid blame at Modi that never was. 

There are enough documents in the media to prove that this was not the first time the Ban has been enforced. Shekhar Gupta to Burqa Dolt all have commented as if BJP is the one which has asked for the ban.This is the fourth pillar, mind you.

Meat ban since 1964
Meat ban in 2004-05

On another news, there was a lot of ruckus on Modi's visit to Chandigarh and the inconvenience caused to the public. This, again is not the first time in India. However, the media went on to create a sob-story of how ex-veteran is not able to conduct the final rites as the crematorium was closed. The truth is, it was not closed but approach had changed. Inconvenience has been blown out to atrocity. Have you ever heard of a visit to PM so closely scrutinized before? The death the cavalcade of Manmohan Singh caused not even a twitch in the same media. 

The bottom line is, BJP is being measured against a high bar that is substantially lowered for others. What is the consequence of this to BJP and the opponents?

Let us take the first case. In this case BJP is not the culprit but the media is. But what I am disappointed with, is the alacrity with which the BJP supporters begin to cringe. They become defensive and start responding to the atrocity reporting the exact way the media wants. 

Let us take another news, of non-Muslims children denied mid-day meal in Kerala during Ramazan, that too in Government school. The incident did not get coverage is not consequential. What is relevant is, it could not be stopped. In that, an Islamic custom has been forced on to the rest successfully. This is the most important aspect of it. 

However, a ban on Abattoir is not the same as imposing Jainism on others. It is a tribute to one of the greatest Saints of India, an inalienable part of Indian custom and culture. 

What is relevant is the intensity with which it is being fought by Media and how the court is following it up. There was no such thing for denial of mid-day meal for non-Muslims in schools during Ramzan. 

This is where Game Theory comes. 

Impose Don't Impose

Impose 1,1 1,0

Don't Impose 0,1 0,0 

There are four possible outcomes

1. Community A imposes its customs on Community B and in return Community B imposes its custom on Community A (1, 1) -None wins- stalemate
2. Community A imposes and Community B does not impose back (1, 0) - Community A wins
3. Community B does not impose but Community A does (0,1)  - Community B wins
4. Both communities do not impose on each other. - None lose

Obviously the 4th is the ideal situation. 2nd and 3rd make one lose and one winner.
But if one of the communities imposes its custom on the other, the only option left is to return the favor, i.e., impose back. Unless one community wants to lose out. This is the strategy Games Theory teaches. If one hits, hit back. That is not definitely altruism. But surely Dharma. Do not hit first but also, do not put up with an aggressor.

This is where I find these kinds of response self-effacing. This is a man who is digging a grave for himself and his community, knowing or unknowingly is another question.

Self-defeating and self-effacing

In the case of Meat ban (actually ban on slaughter) selectively the 'impose back' of one community is being fought and defeated by proxy. The denial of mid-day meal, write off of loans for conversions have all been imposed by one community on the other. This is how a win is achieved by one community against the other. The media and Libtards abet such a win of one community over the other which is full of demographic risks, another topic.

The atrocity over Modi's visit is another. The problem is with those who call themselves intelligent turn out to be easily manipulated by the media. It seems the Media has a switch installed in these intelligent people. When the media wants these people to express outrage, they do. Absolute shame. Power of Macaulay's education over Indians.

Anders Behring Brievik shot and killed 77 socialists in Oslo,Norway because, according to him, these are the real culprits for the inflow of immigrants. He did not kill a single immigrant. There are two parts to it. One is identifying the culprit and the other, the punishment. The killing is completely unacceptable to us Indians brought up on Hindu ethos.

In India too the enemy is obviously from within. Within Media. These simpleton educated elites are just robots dancing to the tunes of Media. Until education results in ability to evaluate choices, it will only remain as a means to earn.

Such is the betrayal of our educated elite.

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