Thursday, September 21, 2017

Vanambadi - Moral Story for Hindus

Vanambadi Story for Hindus

There lived in a village a man with four sons. He was a successful farmer and with his savings he started other businesses like trading and transport. His sons too started working in father’s business.
Every year they found it more and more difficult to do agriculture having to depend on others. Once when the harvest was ripe, no one could be found to harvest for them
In the field there lived a  vanambadi (skylark)  with its hatch-lings who were only getting ready to fly on their own.
The father with his four sons went to the field one evening to inspect and realized it was time for harvest without any further delay. The father told his sons, “let us call our relatives tomorrow to come and harvest our field as we are busy ourselves” and the hatch-lings overheard it. They were very worried and when their mother returned to the nest, told her what happened in the evening.
Mother was  not perturbed and told the kids that it is still not time to leave.
Next day the father and sons waited near the field but no one came to harvest. This time the father said, “Let us call our friends tomorrow and ask them to harvest for us; we are busy ourselves”. Again the hatch-lings that overheard the conversation reported back to the mother when she arrived in the evening.
Mother bird told it is still not time to leave.
Next day the father and sons waited but still no one turned up. Father told his sons “we cannot depend upon anyone to do our duty. Let us come prepared tomorrow and harvest the field ourselves.
The hatch-lings that heard this reported it to the mother. She said, “it is now time. We cannot wait for a moment. You are also ready to fly. Let us leave immediately”.

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