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Freedom is hurting ‘em, the Liberals

Pierre Omidyar auctions #FOE

Times of India carries today, 18th Oct 2017,  by Pierre Omidyar @pierre ,denouncing Social media and going through it one gets a suspicion that this is a piece indeed written by media professionals in his employment. Cleverly written and side stepping neutrality carefully.

Who is Pierre Omidyar? He is the founder of eBay who made his billions from Internet technology who built a person to person trading platform the usage of it was for a fee. His net worth is close to 10 billion which is a colossal weapon in a corporatized world that ever attempts to enslave individual buying habits for personal greed.

Let us understand how dangerous the weapon can be. He, according to some reports, played a key role in overthrow of elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.
From Wikipedia

In effect, an elected President of a country was ousted by internal strife for aligning with Russia instead of European one.
One of the reasons for control over Ukraine is its rich natural resources. It can be glanced here

The group that ousted Yanukovych was definitely homegrown but their strength came from outside the country. The opposition was funded by “Pax Americana”. As per this report Pierre Omidyar is a key funder, apart from USAID, to this overthrow of elected Government.

There are serious questions that need to be raised about the events in Ukraine’s ‘Orange Revolution’.
1.       The overthrow of government by protestors, instead of through election.
2.       Funds flowing to the protestors to keep the pressure on elected government.

The man who undermined an elected government is now speaking of ‘Freedom of Expression’.

Pierre is also a major funder to Scroll, online magazine of which is a part of. Many of us are of the opinion that Scroll is spreading news inimical to truth; It represents the interest of forces outside India. If you read the background of Pierre along with news churned out by Scroll, few of us are convinced that Pierre stands for Freedom of expression. His anguish as expressed in the blog is more to do with the failure of attempts to prop up anti-democratic forces in Journalism sector.

It is of passing interest to note that the #Antifa movement, supposedly funded by Capitalist money bags like Soros is pursuing same violent path as ‘Orange revolution’ warriors, attempting to overturn Trump election. Success in Ukraine has gone to head.

Why would anyone take money from overseas funders to run opinion in India that no one in India is willing to pay for? These people are easily bribed by anyone who is willing to pay. Apart from that, I am not able to think of another reason.

I had written here  that Journalism has nothing to do with Freedom. The blog by Pierre has only strengthened my conviction. Now a days, media is being used by cash bags to channelize resources of democracy to private hands. In the process, the running dogs are being engaged to peddle corporate propaganda and SM has thwarted this attempt to some significant extent.

This is irking the Corporate cash bags and those who live off the benevolence of the tyrannical forces. However, it looks Journalists are going to lose their jobs in a big way. Most of us believe and disseminate news, reviews and reactions outside established Media outposts.

Attempts are being made to silence SM by resourceful money bags. Pierre’s blog is to buy public opinion, a fake one, to prove a false premise that society wants such change. The medium is the interested party like TOI. Those who are really offended like you and me have only SM.

Who do you think the Judiciary will heed to? There lies a risk. 

Response to Pierre’s blog is easy. As it was to Bee’s


False. Such one-sided information is of human nature. Studies have proven that those who join a Liberal college come out more Liberal and Conservative, more Conservative. To blame this to only SM users is clever ploy.
This aggregation happens in media and that is worse. Because they do not give any space for opposing views. Basically Pierre is angry that his entitlement to disseminate one sided opinions is being thwarted. Plan is just that.

Many like me accuse the Media of the same. The reason we switched to SM from Media houses is, all of them do not report news. They publish opinions of chosen ones. Here is caught spreading fake news. 

The above is a cleverly managed image building or destroying exercise. The assumption is, if any one is popular outside our kind of media, it is conflation of popularity. Did I use the word ‘entitlement’ while describing these condescending elites?

Classic. Twitter, Facebook are imposing their political will on users, shutting down dissenting voice, labeling them as intolerant and their expression as ‘hate speech’.
Since it was someone like Rose McGowan this issue got publicity. Twitter caught imposing their political slavery on pubic and punishing for refusing to tow the line. Recently Facebook suspended a user for raising fund for Indic (Hindu) cause. You google for it, it does not show up in the search result. Such is the vice like grip these corporations have over our opinions.

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