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Islam under threat - Well, it may be now!

Global threat to Islam

When ardent followers of Islam used to invoke “Islam is in Danger” to whip up the sentiments of the not so ardent followers of Islam, I used to get angry, at the brazenness with which the fanatics manipulated the truth, and the media carried their messages. The pitch was raised to screeching shrill after 9/11 and I personally felt that the Muslim leadership was working to move the guilt away from the obvious ideological flaws in Islam, as an offensive move. This is when the political opinions of the powerful Governments were influenced in favour of the Muslims and Islam, from left politicians like George Galloway and possible terrorist insiders like Robin Raphel to right politicians like George Bush who supplicated by saying “Islam is peace”. The current President of the US dined with known Hamas terrorists, providing a backhanded acceptance of Islamic terrorism as long as it is backed with ample and commensurate rationalizing propaganda.
While the West was reeling under the comeuppance for hiring, arming and regaling in the rise of all sorts of terrorists, those who make a living out of appeasement to Muslim world, probably, amply lubricated with oil-money, could not change trade to changing times, even for niceties such as national interest. US sunk in collective suicide and punished the President who stood up to the Islamic terror and elected one who would invite terrorists of same ilk to White House. Bearers in nondescript restaurants were allowed to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to build Islamic centres with names evoking memories of the subjugation of Christianity, right in the heart of what the terrorists considered their victory-land.
Post 2001, there was a golden opportunity for the leaders of Islam to offload certain aspects of Islam and make it the religion of the moderate Muslims. But surprisingly, 2001 and following events pushed the moderates into extreme views. It may be something to do with the extreme masculine character of Islam or it could be the fact that Islam is perceived as immutable. Whatever may be the reason in the past decade and a half, Islam has dug its heels for a fight with the rest of the world under a red herring banner ‘Islam is under threat’. And that is precisely the reason why Islam is currently under threat.
In this context the growth of ISIS emerging as the central leadership of Islamic caliphate is notable. There is no large scale opposition to ISIS from any quarters of Muslim. On the contrary Anjem Choudary is unabashedly telling the non-Muslims the risk they face but the non-Muslims are not paying attention.
Let us take a personal and anecdotal view of the response of Muslims in response to the atrocities committed by ISIS. Does anyone remember the response of the Muslims, moderate and otherwise, against the Danish cartoonist? Do you see a tenth of that today against ISIS? Did you see any reaction as a response from the collective conscience of Muslims repenting for the murder of Theo?
ISIS is busy killing anyone they think should be cleansed of the earth to establish Darul Islam, a religious goal for Islam. The poor and defenceless Yezidis are bearing the brunt of ISIS in the name of religion and the world is yet to respond.
The Christians in West are able to draw attention to sporadic yet targeted killing of Christians in Syria but Yezidis have had no such luck. This is not surprising either. When the Hindu genocide took place in East Pakistan, none of the Western countries cared to step in.
With the SM making it difficult for the UN to pretend nothing is happening, it has at last mentioned that the ISIS actions are “attempted genocide” somehow making us believe that until it becomes a successful genocide it is not time to worry.
Compare this to the ‘Gaza Flotilla’ raid. Do you recall the noise, the attention it got from Press, world leaders and the UN? Yet, in the case of Yezidis, though UN has circumspectly used the word ‘Genocide’, none has lifted a finger to save the lives of Yezidis, spare the women and children of rape and murder.  There is a damning silence from the same moderate Muslims who repeat ad nauseam that ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ to press the point that Islam is not an intolerant religion. I think in killing the poor Yezidis, Islam is earning bad Karma by tonnes. The ‘Yezidi’ crime may as well be the last of the straws that will sink Islam globally, that will break the metaphorical axle of the cart, already laden with crimes against humanity, under the accumulating weight of Karma.
That is why, as we approach the end of 2014, I am more are less convinced that Islam is at threat and here I list down my reasons.
The two major Abrahamic religions are competing with each other to own the world, to become the monopolistic owner of the souls of the residents of the world. I already wrote about it here.
I debated with few here but none could repudiate that Christianity and Islam compete with each other and the similarities are there for all to see.
The 9/11 had opened many eyes in the US to another undeniably Islamic face, hitherto painted and presented to US population for political reasons. Saudi Arabian formed the bulk of the suicide squad that flew Planes into building, killing innocent civilians. Few would have forgotten the celebrations in Palestine on hearing of American grief. It is another matter that most would overlook and hope things have changed.
Since then, the Islam has not looked back in the US. It could do bombing at Boston, attempt a few more in other cities, infiltrate barracks to inflict damages to defence personnel, yet still manage to hold the badge of honour issued by none other than the American President. The American president was eager to educate the world that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, which is a peaceful religion while commenting on the slitting of the throat of Westerners by ISIS.
While there is nothing to say that Americans have started seeing Islam as a threatening ideology, the current election results for Senate gives rise to a suspicion that the ideology is moving from Liberal Left to Christian Right. The images of westerners being hacked, the heads of people stuck on poles and children holding the severed head of enemies have only been pushing the tolerance level so far exhibited in the US in a direction that will eventually result less free-run for Islamists.
However, the Europe has been seeing the share of right wing parties steadily growing. The right wing has a potential to reach a critical mass sooner than later, buoyed by its increasing popularity.
UKIP is one taking shape in UK which has reaped political dividend exposing and highlighting the Rotherham scandal. Paul Golding goes into Mosques, hands over Bible to the Mullahs there and urges them to convert to Islam and follow the real God.
There are many such videos one can see in the Internet. Incidentally UKIP has this to say about their democratic victories.
France is sitting on a demographic bomb with Muslim population reaching about 10% of the total. The French, for all its nice sounding political rhetoric, are not that nice to their Muslim fellow citizens. For example, if you have a Muslim name, you have far less chance of being called for an interview, in comparison to Christians. However, Muslims are slowly beating the French on demography and soon with votes and power in democracy they will be able to force their views on French Government. Will the French sit quiet till then is a question to ponder. Or will they go the Bosnian way?
The Germans have started questioning the failure of ‘multiculturalism’ (so did the Russians) and have in effect recognized the fact that the Muslims do not integrate, a realization that concedes that no amount of bending to accommodate is going to achieve integration. By staying as a social unit separate from the mainstream, Islam has been consistently saying something that the rest refused to listen to. That, Islam is not going to be part of the host country but the host country one day may become part of Islam.
Another political party that is making news is Freedom Party of Austria which has about a third of the population sympathizing with their ideology. Party for Freedom (PVV) led by Geert Wilders is on the ascendance in Netherland where the Muslim population is about 10% of the total.
I fear that the current shift from passivity to political activism towards acceptance of Islam in Europe is not to be seen as a data point but as a direction the ideology is moving in. There is no doubt that the Muslims are adding more children to their families compared to the Europeans and as time progresses it will give more political say for the Muslims. Let us also be cautious that the reaction from the original citizenry is yet to play out in full may not be watching it helplessly.
While democracy was designed to give franchise to the citizen not based on religion, Islamic voting, as a rule, exploits it as a weakness in democracy. To say that Muslims are followers of their religion first and last is not political correctness, hence it is whispered around but not conceded in public place. However, Muslims are not victims of political correctness, admitting Islam is a nation, a euphemism for its supremacist political ideology. Religion is merely a Trojan horse.
The growth of Islam in Europe will leave only one winner, either the Europeans or Islam. Whoever wins, the decision will come after Islam is first put in danger.
The European history is replete with barbaric political settlement, every once in a while. WWI and WWII were Europe centric and together, the latter wiping out 3% of the world population. If we agree that ‘diplomacy is warfare by other means’ we also have to agree that war is a continuous state, which puts Islam in danger in Europe.
Middle East is continuously seeing a struggle between the Sunni Vs Shia struggles with Sunni getting an upper hand as a result of the affluence they attained subsequent to Oil boom. With Iran inching towards Nuclear capability and Oil price going down the entire area is open to social unrest.
ISIS fighting the Shias, Saudi and Bahrain stifling Shias are not isolated incidents without any common narrative. Even in UAE, there is a marked antipathy towards Shias that resulted in Shias having to identify themselves in Govt offices and Pakistani Shia taxi drivers having to leave UAE as their licenses were not getting renewed. All the Oil producing country has one branch of Muslims hating another.
The one place one sect of Islam will always be in danger is undoubtedly Middle East.
The emergence of Hindu majority party in India is another development that will put Islam in danger. In the last 60 after Independence, secularism has been taught to mean anti-Hinduism and pro-Islam. This is another case where the growing population of Islam demanding more than a fair share and begetting a whiplash from the majority. The limit seems to have been breached in India and the polarization of votes along religious fault lines have begun in India. Kerala and Assam saw such polarization in 2010 elections and for the first time in national election, polarization has pushed up an unabashed Hindutva party. Notwithstanding the utterings of PM Modi, this government will slowly impose pro-Hindu policies, which are not going to be palatable to the Muslims. Cow slaughter ban, Sanskrit, revising Marxian History, tightening the border with Muslim neighbours, ignoring the overtures from Pakistan till cross border terrorism is done with, economic growth, alignment with other Asian countries like Japan and Australia are all lines connecting dots that will emerge as a Pan-Hindu picture in India.
India has silently suffered the invading Muslims, the genocidal wars that killed Hindus selectively, obliterated a rich and superior culture, demolished tens of thousands of temples and enslaved Hindu women as a mark of insult to the local culture, collaboration with the British and finally dividing the country and taking away the land that was the origin of Indus-Saraswati culture. The current political mood is being compared to renaissance of Indian thoughts and culture. The reaction from Hindu population is regaining what was rightfully theirs. The idea of Islam had reduced India to a state that to sing in praise of Mother India had to be vetted by Muslim minority. The current political climate is a result of that, pushing the Muslims to a corner. In such a push back, not all acts will be moral are defendable.
In all, too many warfronts have been opened by the Muslims and everyone they picked a fight with has started retaliating. Soon with less Oil surplus money in the booty, fighting all of them is going to be impossible for Islam. Soon it will become so that there is no place safe for Muslims except their own country, provided the rulers are not inimical or the country has not fallen to anarchy.

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