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Someone should solve my problem – Hindu Wish list.

All talk - No action

I have never hidden the fact that my political ideology lies to the right of BJP, the reason I often find myself bundled with BJP supporters. Yet, as an active tweeter and modest blogger, I have always been amused and at times disappointed by many fellow RW supporters (RSS, BJP, Dharmic etc) generally spilling grudge and complaints in SM and doing nothing beyond. Their tone is often of a sense of hurt or at worst a reaction to an aggression from the opposing camps. They are able to articulate the grudge very well but fall short of confronting the issue or challenge or solve. If at all there is a challenge, it is often halfhearted and short lived.

The reasons are many, some systemic, meaning beyond the control of those people. But mostly it is naïve expectation from RW supporters that the wrongs are to be righted because they are wrong. They somehow believe that there is an ideal principle in power that will do it for them. That seems to be pervasive. 

When a RSS member was killed in Kerala, there was call to organize a protest march in a far-away city. I never understood how it could have mattered. I never subscribed to the populist yet unsubstantiated view that such action would somehow bring about ‘awareness’. The newspapers are already in the business of bringing awareness or stifling. Protest marches are only covered by interested media, not that I know of any other type of media, which will again be aligned with the local powers in pursuit of buttered side of the bread. 

It would have been much better if people had traveled to Kannur as a show of strength, to send a message that if small-town goons take law into their hands, there would be help coming from outside. It also would send a sense of security to the threatened RSS community in Kannur. That would have been, going the whole hog.  But Hindus did not do it, it was not due to fear or shirking of responsibilities. It is just a way of going with the flow. Taking the fight to the enemy is simply not in their gene. It is just that they are not able to escape the irrational behavior that nothing needs to be done because someone else may take care of it.

On another dimension, the #KissOfLove event organized by the rabble-rousers is getting the attention that they wanted to promote their kind of ideology. The reaction from VHP- moral policing was abhorrent as well as counterproductive. The RW is inept in forceful violent acts, except in exceptions. They should have allowed the kissers to kiss and let law take its course, if that was not illegal. Or, they could have filed a case for obscenity in public. Their children are not going to desist from kissing in the street as a result of protest, but only if the necessary values are conveyed in time.   

Moral policing is carried out most effectively by Left and Islamic groups with such brutal force, the subjugated hardly find courage to stand up to it. The history of Naxals tells us about the Left terror, delivered in a Marxist gift wrapping. The core of it was, ‘elimination of the Class enemy’, which means public execution of the socially powerful. The Naxals went around telling that those who have not ‘dipped their hand in the blood of class enemy’ are not Naxals. By the way, it is the descendants of such gory Naxals that AAP waltzes with. They stifled resistance, prevailed over Press cowed down local Government agencies as well, with brutal force of threat everyone feared. Even today, the Naxals blow up people (read class enemies) in regular interval, along the ‘Red Corridor’ that runs from south India to China. Though their acts result in death of multitude of civilians, the looney MSM name RW as dangerous elements.  

Take the case of genocide perpetrated by Kashmiri Muslims against Hindus; targeted on the basis of religion, that resulted in murder, rape, and systematic destruction of Hindu property. Under the watchful eyes of State, the Kashmiris could not exercise their rights guaranteed under Indian Constitution and had to leave their homes to become refugees within their own country. Have you ever heard the MSM call the Muslim population as right-wing, or Nazi or Fascists? It is poor Rama Sena that cannot get away with a mere beating of partying youngsters, while Muslim terror can get away with murder, rape and loot, literally. 

Or for that matter, the hundreds of thousands of Hindus who were subjected to targeted killing by Pakistan Army during the creation of Bangladesh. The Blood Telegram reveals that the word genocide was used extensively with instances to prove. The death toll is put at 300,000 and above, rape victims 200,000 and above, about 85% of them Hindus. The US, Brits and entire western world turned a blind eye to the recorded ‘genocide’, yet we do not see anyone accusing Pakistan of committing one.  We have Left and Islamists accusing India of human right violation in Kashmir. It is because, accusing Indian Government poses no danger whatsoever to the accuser. But you cannot take such chance with the Islamic terrorists. Their retribution is swift and brutal.

A riot in which both Hindus and Muslims died in Gujarat was quickly elevated to ‘genocide’ category by common agreement in MSM. The fact that it started as a riot, spread as a riot and ended as a riot did not stop the Media from calling it a pogrom. It appeared that the Media was looking for anything resembling an evidence to support conclusion they had already arrived at. The Media knew Modi Government cannot do them any harm.

But in the case of 1984 pogrom, the selective killing of Sikhs as aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, it never got termed as genocide by any MSM. No MSM carried a campaign, a tenth in intensity, of Arnab’s against Asaram. It is evident that for MSM, 3000 plus deaths is less evil in comparison to alleged sex assault of a religious leader of section of Hindus. Because the MSM knows the government in power can cause immense damage to their business while Asaram can at most send twenty guys to beat up. So finally, what gets result is the ability to instil fear.
In spite of Islamic states carrying out execution as punishment for being raped, apostasy, homosexuality, the Left and Liberal communities have made only muted protests. Fear is the key. The purpose of fear, as Doval said in a speech, is to not to kill but to cow down the living to submission.

I think Hindus are, as a rule, incapable of large scale violence that scares people into submission and hence cannot be ruthless killers, except in stories spun by Teestas. And such stories are spun by Teestas because it drives the over-anxious, extra-sensitive Hindu into a fit of self-loathing guilt trip.

The killings carried out by Hindus in Independent India have been sporadic, reactive, and short lived. Not enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine.  Terror is not what they are good at; however they also are not good at standing up to genocide perpetrated against them. This seems like an escapeless cycle. 

The extreme, fringe elements from Hindu organizations cannot measure up to the cruel intensity of Left and Islamic thirst for blood and gory. This may be something to do with the intrinsic Dharmic values inculcated in every Indian, if not already altered by invading and alien ideology.  Even when the ‘Lakshman-rekha’s of Dharma is breached, the Hindu extremists are novices in comparison to the Left and Islamic butchers who have been practicing this across nation claiming lives in millions.

I draw an analogy from Sankrant Sanu about women safety in India. Though our Police per thousand people is one of the lowest in the world, crime against women in India is no worse than or in most cases lower than many Western Countries where the presence of Police is very high. Sankarant argues that it is not the fear of Police that is the reason but the Dharmic upbringing that holds things together. 

This being the near impotent state of Hindu violent right, the common Hindus are hopelessly a frightened lot. They had never seen violence like this (See image) ever in their life until the arrival of Islamic butchers, as narrated by Ibn Batuta. 

Never seen before terror

Every day we see reports of brazen proselytizing campaigns being carried out by the charlatans funded by Christians from US and Europe and the most we see as response is complaint. Of course, you also see many wanting a ‘law’ to put a stop to it. They never wonder that the ‘soul harvest’ goes on without a law backing it. That is the difference. Till today there is nothing as response from any Hindu organizations, except, of course, disgruntlement and a sense of hurt.

Until the Hindus realize that nothing will change except actions to counter forces acting against Hindu interest, these things will continue. Protests are for the weaklings. Hindus’ strength lies in their Dharmic core, which needs to be awakened, as demanded in current times, again not an anathema to Dharma, power to stand up to injustices and ability to reply in a language the opponent understands.

I wrote about the lessons Hindus can learn from Game theory here

The protests are not going to get us anywhere. New laws are not required to stop the atrocities. Government cannot do everything for you. Direct action alone can assert Hindus as a power that cannot be ignore in our own country. The RW fringe elements are good at mohalla level threatening, beating up or roughening up but that is counter-productive as it still falls short of instilling a permanent fear. 

In a tweet, Rana Ayyub tweeted that the early Hindus were brainy because they ate roasted beef. Because she has nothing to fear from Hindus. But if someone says Muslims eat Pork, hell will break lose. There is everything to fear.
No one is going to deliver a solution to the confused Hindus. Not the VHP, nor the Government nor the police. And most Hindus are far from realizing it. Sad commentary.

It is a different matter that, per chance, BJP has managed to have excellent leaders who are intently focused on actions instead of empty hand wringing. The government has chosen good officers like Doval to support it. Still I wish the people also did not leave everything to Modi and other leaders but took responsibility for whatever is happening in our country.

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