Thursday, January 8, 2015

Islam in danger – Tipping point approaching

Dharma should guide Europe 


I had written this piece in November,, essentially saying that Islam is opening up too many war fronts. Along with the falling oil price, that fuels the terrorists all around the world, the situation is ripe for posing real danger to Islam. 

December saw the Lindt Café incident in Australia. The liberals began their well-oiled propaganda machinery with #IllRideWithYou campaign, diverting the enormity of the crime to imagined persecution. While the dead were ignored and insulted in their death, those who wanted to protest the growth of a political ideology going under the garb of religion, got the short end of the stick. In the end, the power of media made it appear that the greatest crime was the imagined persecution as against the real death. 

In the meantime, Europe is simmering with discontent. It appears as though the Governments are not in touch with reality. Merkel condemned the growing Islamophobia as growing intolerance in Germany, probably wanted Germans to believe it is this intolerance that is making bloody headlines with boring frequency. 

City after city in Germany is seeing more and more people out on the street in anti-Islam / anti-Muslim protests. Someone on Tweet said that the reason for today’s situation in Germany is the Germans ‘betrayed Third Reich’. As a Dharmic Indian, these thoughts and ideas behind the thoughts are immeasurably far for me.  That will be a different discussion altogether.

Recently Michel Houellebecq released his sixth book, ‘Submission’ in which he projects 2022 France. The election result hands over victory to Muslim Party defeating the right and the plot deals with imaginary consequences of such an eventuality. To say that such imagery is unrealistic is no more a convincing one, given the wholesale surrender of the Liberal parties to Islamic pandering. We have seen the liberal parties in bed with most rabid fanatics in India.  

In these unfavorable times, what happened in Paris may well turn into a watershed moment for a shift in political ideology. Rather, the leaders who mouth inane liberal ideology, projecting a non-existent and unrealistic ideal society as an excuse for accommodating the religious fanatics, will find the following dwindling. But that will take place when the elections are held. 

At the least, each such action by Islamic terrorists will bring the tipping point closer and closer. It is no more a question of if, but when, to borrow a cliché from the Left. One never knows which event will light the keg but with so many fireworks going on and with so many explosive situations waiting to explode, it will most probably happen sooner than later.

The problem with the European reaction is, it is still not a war that will be morally defensible. Sun Tzu said, to win a war, it must be morally defensible. The reaction in Europe is mainly against the Muslims and that makes it weak. 

In the case of Nazism, it was easy as the target Nazis as people and group, as it was localized and the fight was against the core contingent that lived in Europe. There was no need to fight the idea but merely stamp out the men impelled by the supremacist idea that killed the ‘other’. However, in the fight against Islam, Europe is fighting the ancillary contingent that has been brought in by own volition due to myopic policies. The main force remains outside the Europe. There is also substantial political strength Islamic terrorists draw from liberal elements from within Europe.

If Europe opts to fight the Muslims instead of Islam, their defeat is inevitable and probably will be final. The current political system is such that any act of violence against Muslims will be considered illegal, which indeed is illegal, and the State will put it down without mercy. Further, it will also elevate the Islamic citizens of Europe to the ‘Holocaust Jew’ status. Unlike Jews, they will stay and one day rule Europe, the defeat of the purpose in full. Sharia will come with nothing to stop it. With only imaginary victimization, the Muslims have dug in deep in the system; if given a real reason, the war will be lost forever.

However, if the fight is against Islam and not Muslims, the outcome could be different. For this the strategy is, first to establish that Islam is a political ideology in the garb of religion. The preaching of Islam, in its various threats, speaks of Dar-Ul-Islam, Jizya, Kaffur, Jihad etc which are abhorrent to the ideals of Europe. The legal system, Sharia, promotes inequality, loaded in favour of men when it comes to sexes and Muslims when it comes to religion of the person. It is against the equality before law as enshrined in principles that is foundation to Europe. The tolerance towards Gay, abortion and free-sex do not gel well with Islam either.

Further, the Islamic texts are extremely cruel and vindictive towards people who disagree with what is written in them and impose penalties such as death, stoning, and maiming. Islam is against progress as the religion does not allow any revision of the text as the person who attempts to revise is to be punished as per their Law, death. Islamic ideas and Sharia are incompatible with Freedom of Expression as it elevates own theology beyond criticism while taking swipe at others. In that, Islam is supremacist and divisive and Europe should build the moral ground from which it can fight Islam.

As a solution, Europe should ask either Koran and the other texts to be revised to suit current times failing which those texts including Sharia to be declared ‘supremacist’ at par with Nazi ideology. This alone will give Europe the political, moral and legal authority to contain the spread of Islam and punishing those who attempt to spread.

This is not an easy fight. Europeans have painted themselves into a corner electing liberal politicians year after year. Behring was a violent reaction to this decay of Europe. The Europeans had free lunch for 70 years or so and now is the time to pay the bill. And now, they find that they cannot afford.

It will be immoral to take out the anger on the Muslims without giving them a chance to change their ways. Serbian bloodshed only made the Muslims stronger and Islam entrenched. The European right is capable of starting a bloodbath, being built on Altruistic philosophies devoid of Dharma, but will eventually lose the war. It is time Europe learnt Dharma from Indians and fought Islam as Dharma fights Adharma. Sun Tzu will be with you.  


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  1. //It is time Europe learnt Dharma from Indians and fought Islam as Dharma fights Adharma. Sun Tzu will be with you.// Well said. Let India under Modi, will show the world a solution