Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sakshi Maharaj, FoE and all that Farce

Media Ruckus-  Sakshi Maharaj

The English TV in India is mostly made of people of insignificant calibre yet such people are in top slot due to familial political connection or proximity to power. If you read people like Sagarika Ghosh and her father’s work description, it will serve as a good example. There have been trickily told stories of Vikram Chandra that state that the job was a quid pro quo for services rendered by his father. I am just giving examples but this piece is about the whole tribe. 

The flip side of the tragedy is, these are people who are incapable of handling nuanced topics. They do not have the intelligence to analyse, open mindedness to consider differing views, are too insecure to concede that others could be right, ride on political ideology in the absence of own faculty to discern what is right and what is wrong, lead parasitical lives thriving on the verbal waste of the cantankerous, cater to the basest instincts of humans, crass, classless, free of ethics, have no basic training in reasoning, loud, brash and unfit to be employed in any productive domains. On the moral front, while the media makes no money, the peddlers are rolling in moolah, the reason, it is alleged is, blackmailing.  

Most of the reporting use incendiary template, concluding what Sakshi Maharaj told was inherently wrong. The reports remain superficial without going into the merits of the statement. The Media is not for reporting, analysing news, providing clarity; it is for expressing ‘outrage’ within a political ideological paradigms.

The narrative is, India is overpopulated and hence the statement of Sakshi Maharaj is politically incorrect, hence an ‘outrage’. However, none is ready to debate the current factors contributing to burgeoning population from demographic perspective.

I for one stand for Sakshi Maharaj on two counts, first being Freedom of Expression. I wrote in April 2014 in support of Freedom of expression here. http://notcovered.blogspot.in/2014/04/dr-frazer-gets-his-right-to-free-speech.html

Price for my right to Freedom of expression is my responsibility not to be offended. Instead, respond to it in an intelligent and civil way- responses unknown to Indian Media. The fountainhead of their trade is ‘Freedom of Expression’ but they are the ones who are abuse it, at times by stifling it.

My second reason for standing with Sakshi Maharaj is, there is truth in his statement. The demography of India is a critical factor in maintaining national integrity. It is the demographic weight that broke India into two in 1947. We did not separate along political lines but along religious one. It can recur if the demography changes once again and such a change will be to the disadvantage of Hindus. So Hindus have an interest in maintaining the integrity of the country by maintaining demographic majority. Any dilution of this stand is hogwash.

On another note, Sakshi Maharaj is not forcing anyone to procreate. So why this outrage unless it is for TRP?

Let us look at the one child policy being pursued by most Hindus. A one child Husband marrying one child wife, produce one child. Four Grandparents, become two parents in first generation that becomes one child in third. In about 40-55 years (approximately) the count comes down to fourth of what it was.

In comparison, four grandparents beget, say 6 children (each getting 3) and these 3 pairs get three each. 4 grandparents, 6 children and 9 grandchildren in 40-55 years. The size of first family is 7 whereas the latter 19. It takes about 50 years to bring about a change such as this.
Native and Muslim birth rate of Europe

You imagine who is going to run Europe in 50 years from now.

Here is a scenario for India, a very rudimentary to give an idea. I am sure there are other reliable sources but this is a rough view. Just numbers. In two generation the 80% becomes 50%

Rough extrapolation - Modest assumption

If you add the impact of proselytizing, the balance is in favour of non-Hindus just two generations away. 

The lesson Bosnian demographic shift teaches cannot be ignored, just because it is unpalatable or politically incorrect. Any shift in demography will be accompanied by other social upheavals. It could be, in the European context, one that does not have any qualms for wholesale murder, culling, as Mark Style calls it; in Indian context, the Kashmiri Pandit problem in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and consequent obliteration of Hindus in India.

Bosnian Solution in Mark's words

The birth rate of anything lower than 2.11 means the suicide of society. No society with birth rate lower than 1.9 has not revived. So let us not slight away the number of children a woman produces to be a mere personal issue. It impacts the society also in a way and if a society makes child bearing too expensive for women, it is digging its own grave. 

The liberal ideology that destroyed family as a social unit, equated a life without responsibility to freedom, termed anything that is traditional bad, gave birth to cultural orphans in own society is the culprit for the woes of dwindling population and decaying value system.

The Government has been telling that one child family is a desirable one and two children family as limit. It will work, if all demographic groups follow the norm. The one that flouts this advice stands to gain in the long run. Demography trumps democracy. Kashmir, Kerala, Bengal all show that people vote along religious lines, which was fine with the liberals until Hindus also did the same.

Let us not fall victims to the ‘outrage’ media but look at the problem with a cool head. Do we want to leave our children a political system run by Sharia as jurisprudence? Do we want to throw away the rich cultural wealth of Hindu past and let Abrahamic religions dictate values? Those parents who think they are securing their child’s future by having a single child are actually doing the opposite.

With demography comes political power and with political power the economic power. It is one thing to dream of a Utopia but reality is we grapple with a world that operates mostly on Game Theory principle. If Hindus concede majority in India, there is no place to run to. Not for those who are reading this but to their progeny.

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