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Left's last resort - Godwin's law:


The Fifth column in fourth Estate

The peddlers of Marxian Satanic verses, who only do it as an intermediate step before their ‘Dar-Ul-Islam’ can be established, the espoused cause that is not ready to be revealed, in true ‘Taqiaish’ fashion, churn out spurious and intentionally misleading fear mongering under the label of ‘scholarly’ studies in Marxian style.
Yesterday, Rana Ayyub paraded a banner for Brown Brumby, an admittedly left of center ideologist,  who according to to Rana has written an important piece.

Brown begins by concealing the guilt of UN, an organization which funds hordes of left ideologists, perhaps out of a sense of loyalty, with “United Nations Chief Ban Ki Moon said that the world would never again allow genocide to tear apart a nation. Describing it as one of the darkest chapters in human history he acknowledged that the world could have done much more to save the lives of nearly 800,000 Tutsis and politically moderate Hutus who were mass slaughtered by the extremist Hutu majority.” 
Nothing can be farther from truth. “The world did not do enough” is only a meek cover up the fact that it was UN who oversaw the genocide as a result of its passivity. Unlike the armchair Professors like Stuart J. Kaufman, I rely more on those who were on the ground, like Dallaire, Romeo, Force commander of UNAMIR, the peace keeping force of for Rwanda during the genocide. Here is what he has to say.

UN allowed it to happen. If you begin with wrong premise, as Brown Brumby has, you end up in Marxian ideology. It is the Kofi Annans and Iqbal Rizas, from the left and liberal constituency that allowed the millions of Rwandans to be killed by standing what they thought was neutral and politically correct ground. After Rwanda, UN allowed another to happen in Darfur.
I will ignore Brown Brumby’s moronic construction that “prejudice against religious minorities has now become a structural feature of Indian society” as mere mindless Marxian hubris. The Indian Constitution means nothing to these people. Marxists have a way of twisting the meaning of words in a perverse way to suit the convoluted Marxist ideology.  The number of Muslims in high places, as Presidents, Chief Justices, Businessmen do not mean anything as these truths threaten their ideology founded prejudices. Suffice it to say, that it is hubris unadulterated.
The myth of origin and ancestry
The statement that ‘majoritarian forces in India believe that Indian Christians and Muslims do not naturally belong to India” is a Sorelian myth at best, a stratagem Marxists admit resorting to, for larger cause. Not a single policy statement is ever cited is even to even attempt to substantiate this myth. Not a collection of anecdotal evidences either.
On the one hand, one cannot miss the sympathies of the author towards Christians and Muslims and that is the reason I have mentioned the ‘Taqiaish’ style, for it is where the true loyalties may be found to lie eventually.
The article reveals its ignorance of Hinduism, its concepts of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ which are in contrast to Christianity and Islam that impose a duty on its followers to urge the ‘others’ to join their fold. It fails to high light the absence of an Hindu-urge to convert the ‘others, accept people for what they are. With such glaring evidence against Christianity and Islam, as usual the culprit is Hinduism. It reeks of intellectual laziness and dishonesty at best. The only religions that segregate 'us' from 'them' are Islam and Christianity. But what has fact to do with building ideological hell with Marxian bricks?
The myth of the Golden Age:
The Marxist history is slowly getting into the dustbin with more and more contrarian and credible Indian history being told. Varnasi is touted to be one of the most ancient cities of world history. Maxmullian history is now being revealed more and more as a motivated narrative. The Aryan invasion theory, the foundation on which Marxian history of India is built on, is in trash can. These are supportive arguments to demolish the suggestion that India was never a leader in scientific and cultural areas before the invasion of the Muslim marauders.
Indians were never used to the level of violence the Muslim invaders brought into India and this can be seen in the background of Rana Pratap vs Mohammad Ghori episodes. Indians were steeped in compassion, ethics and fair play even in dealing with enemies in battle and the invaders were not. The acts of the invaders still have not turned Hindus, the natives of India into Muslims yet and the credit goes to its cultural sophistication. The debate of cultural loss to India as a result of invading barbarians is something that cannot be covered here, but to say it is an imagination of Indian Hindus is falsification of Indian history to push an agenda of one’s own. I have already declared what I think that agenda is.
The myth of suffering
To say that there was no suffering is the real myth here. While myths can be built on imagined suffering, it does not mean all sufferings are myth. Libs are never strong with logic.
If all sufferings are to be swept under the carpet of myth, the same can be said about the apartheid and holocaust too. Sufferings are historical facts, Indians suffering under the Muslim invaders are documented extensively by many Muslim chroniclers but one has to read to meet truth face to face.  To build a Sorelian myth, you do not base your words on facts, as Brown Brumpy has done here, just feed the fears of the gullible with what they want to hear.
Social and Political Exclusion
In India it is not the entire picture to see the Social and Political exclusion. Jagannathan has written on this taking in both sides, that is, the advantage Muslims enjoy as well as the disadvantages. For example, the entire South Indian retail trade is dominated by disproportionate number of Muslims so much so, they have issued fatwas in certain areas declaring the area out of bound for non-Muslims. Bottom line is, it is not as bleak as it is painted and the percentage drop may not mean drop in absolute numbers. In the case of Gujarat, the recruitments are carried out based on policies. If the policies are being bent to accommodate Hindus, I am sure there is a case. But as long as that is not the case, it is snake oil.
Development as legitimization  
Deng too played a Development card but that was not necessarily a genocide card.  Obama talks about development and who does not? Why only Gujarat Model? This is a spurious and vicious argument to forcibly fit an inappropriate analogy to support a preconceived notion. And this is yet another aspect of the article that shamelessly shows how far the peddlers of fear mongers will go to paint Hindus in India in tar black.

Mass media as tool of mobilization
If Modi, the ‘bete noir’ of media is accused of controlling the media, it is laughable. Modi acknowledged the role of SM in fighting the MSM which are belligerently against Modi. If not for the SM, BJP would not have been able to communicate to the masses in India. The medium of BJP is the most egalitarian, leveller one. Yet, since the concluding part of the prejudice is already fixed, another myth is peddled that MSM is in control of Modi. Modi refused to speak to MSM for years. Modi had to walk out of many of those antagonistic interviews by MSM. He has been vilified by all and special media houses like Tehelka, from where Rana Ayyub propagates, have been funded with mysterious sources, shell companies, running into millions of rupees. The Editors of loss making media houses live lives of Agha Khans. And all of them are under the complete control of left leaning, anti-Modi variety and yet, Brown Brumby has no shame in accusing, rather projecting her sins on to the adversary.
Rewarding Pogroms
In one sweeping statement, Brown Brumby, a rank outsider accuses our courts of being partial to Hindus with Ayyub applauding. I never said that these are not treasonous characters and this only proves my point. Those in India, except Rana Ayyub, will remember Modi’s challenge to Arnab to compare any 10 riots in India and rank Gujarat in terms of rate of conviction, time to taken to bring under control etc.
The fangs of the writer are finally revealed in this last paragraph. “The government has to take proactive measures’ is the solution she recommends. It resonates with Zoya’s words in NDTV urging that Hindu’s voting rights be taken away if Modi is the person they want to elect. So it is not about the will of the people. It is the will of these intolerant beasts with its totalitarian, subjugating ideology that is supreme. The pretense of egalitarianism and equality are mere farces so as to realize their ambition to impose a draconian state on us; what remains to be seen is if it will be driven by their religions allegiance or ideological fanaticism.
The word ‘presstitute’ will die a sudden death if not for Ayyubs and Browns and their thriving tribe. They are here on a mission that they cannot overtly state but will parasite on the benefits of an open society till the democratic form of governance is rendered so weak, when they can signal the predatory communal masters to share the kill.
This is first of the three I plan to write, trying to expose the logical and ethical flaws in the ‘presstitute’s propaganda.  
The next on the false comparison these motivated ideologists make between Modi and Hitler and then go on to compare the idea behind this intolerance, Mein Kamf and guess what?
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