Sunday, May 18, 2014

#Mission 2019 "Congress Mukht Bharat"

#Mission2019 – ‘Congress Mukht Bharat’
There are many who thrive by repeating clichés, yet call themselves political pundits because they repeat better or are better connected than others or both. Till day before yesterday,  from the days of coalition politics, the pundits never tired themselves of telling the plebs that the days of coalition politics is here to stay for good.  And surprise, surprise, the same pundits tell us now that the coalition politics is over for India. If not for these precious gems of wisdom from the ‘intelligentsia’ we, the rest of Indians would be thrown back to the dark ages of barbarism and anarchy.
While such inanities continue to be sold to us, the truth shall march silently, paying no attention to the simians lost in self-amusement.
From today, a section of political pundits have deigned to tell us that ‘Congress will bounce back’.  There is no basis for such a claim except that it cannot be disproved ever. I shudder every time I think of these pundits, living life of danger and peril.
The stated and repeated objective of Modiji undoubtedly has been ‘Congress Mukht Bharat’ and there is no reason to believe that he does not mean it any more nor is any to believe that the objective is bound to be diluted in future days. And I am sure that BJP has laid out plans to ensure that the next election will ensure that India continues to be ‘mukht’ of Congress.

 ‘Congress Mukht Bharat’ is one of the attractive appeals to many voters, motivation for voting BJP to power; even if it was not the only reason, at least one of the delectable possibilities that seems to have united all of the voters. And for this reason, the victory in 2014 is a challenging one to BJP as this goal post is not something that can be reached so that it can be declared that the objective is reached. It is more like removing cancer cells to begin a healthy life, yet hold the fear of the dreadful days returning surreptitiously, when no one notices.
One of the toughest challenges that can turn into a possible failure of BJP in 2019 could be dissatisfaction arising out of the expectations of people not being met, though not for want of trying by BJP but because of the stupendous expectation hanging in the air. And each of those failed expectations is bound to fail a section of people who have voted Modiji. Too many failed expectation will allow the ‘Congress Mukht Bharat’ to resurrect, an outcome no one wants, except the dregs of the British who managed to rule India till today, for most part of the time at least.
There are many promises that have been made on ‘progress’ and ‘development’ front which, only time will tell if BJP could deliver on them. Having seen Modi’s speech at Kaashi, I suspect the blue print is ready in the backroom.

On the other hand, in its clamor for progress and development, will BJP take the forgiving approach and provide passive exoneration in the following cases? I am leaving out the ones that are already visible (as a tip of an iceberg) like 2G, Coal scam but only focus on the under reported with great opportunity.
Bringing these cases to a logical end will improve the chances of seeing 2019 as year of “Congress Mukht Bharat’. It will also send a message to the criminals that the days of ‘maaf’ are over and they will have to pay the price for their sins. Prevention of crime and conviction of culprits, both are necessary to reduce crime and if one of them is weak, crime will thrive. Here is my list to start with. This is not witch hunt, but bringing justice back to Indian political domain.

·         PSU Board appointment: This is an investigation that will go up to Damad and is one sure nail in Congress’ coffin.
·         Hasan Ali: Will spill the names of the high and mighty in Congress for whom he peddled in Hawala.
·         Siachan: An inquiry into Sonia’s involvement in Government’s secret attempt to give Siachen, the people in the Army who sat with Sonia and team to draft the plan will show what kind of anti-nationals Congress has been
·         Cash for Vote: Role of Congress in threatening media into submission which led to innocents being punished which allowed Congress to be in power through illegal means.
·         Counterfeit notes and connection to Politicians in UP/Kashmir
·         Naval Accidents, failure
·         VK Singh DOB
·         Diverting Cong fund for News paper shares/ National Herald take over by Rahul
·         Air India
·         Augusta
·         Smuggling antiques
·         Drug Mafia
·         Vadra Land scam
·         Sunanda Tharoor
·         Media management
·         Appointment of Minorities
·         Bangla Migration
·         Burmese Muslim Migration to India
·         Sonia's medical bill
·         Support toTeesta
·         Sreekumar support (Including the ISRO case)
·         Zoya’s statement to disenfranchise Hindus in India
-     Deliver Non-Bailable arrest warrant to Imam Bukhari, show State is no wimp

If you have any more to be remembered, add it as comment or send a mail to and I will keep this page updated to remind ourselves the list of items that needs to be pursued to ensure #Mission 2019, “Congress Mukht Bharat”
Any suggestion?

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