Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother Democracy in ICU - Will she survive another Varanasi

 Democracy under attack


The unkindest cuts to democracy were delivered today and everyday, ever since election processes began, by a gang of traitors of democracy, like the infamous Roman Senate. The senators who owe their living, their callings, to the same fruits of democracy they parasite on. The Varanasi episode is just one of them.
Those shameful acts were not committed by enemies from outside but are very much part of the core system. But not sure if they are Indians with interest of India at heart.
The authorities who turned blind eye to Rahul’s cavalcade ploughing through the potholes of Amethi road draw salary paid by system they dug the knives in.
The Police Inspector who pretended, till he realized that his omission has been captured on Camera, that he had not seen Priyanka’s PA Preti Sahay, takes order from EC, the constitutional arm specifically empowered for fair election. He did his fair share of stab too.
As the Inspector refused to challenge Preti Sahay, even as Smriti officially asked him to do, he twisted the plunged knife for good measure.
When permission was denied to a candidate to canvas in a constituency from which he is contesting, the Returning officer drew his arsenal of sharpened and hidden blades, on democracy.
There seemed to be many knives hoarded for this very purpose to ensure that democracy is left bleeding in Varnasi, blades held in proxy for relatives and masters in power.
The first one was when he claimed that the venue requested by BJP has already been allotted to one Mr Khan much before BJP's request was received, contrary to facts.
When it was pointed out that the money paid into the treasury does not support his version, a cover up operation, in the form of an order exempting Mr Khan from depositing the money, an unusual sign of benevolence, was the next knife to descend.
When both lies failed, the Returning officer sprung was the false bogey of ‘security reason’. As Arun Jaitley said, if Returning officer is incapable of providing security, let him take a transfer, but instead the choice was to bury another knife by refusing to stand by democratic rights of the contestant.
The returning officer added insult to the injury when he claimed Ravi Srinivasan that all permissions are provided without any proof of permissions ever reaching the aggrieved.
N Ram provides the target identification for these Senators, as only betrays his congenital hatred to anyone who does not agree with him, when he provided a crutch to those murderers motive, covering them with glory. His turncoat antics already well documented, he still is addressed as an expert by procuring Media.
The SMS, especially Ravi Srinivasan provides the grinding stone that sharpens the knives, giving false alibis to the butchers of democracy.
The Chubeys, as they accuse that the problem is not with the Returning officer's step motherly treatment of BJP but due to BJP's perverse political ambition, sharpen their talon and fangs for a possible festivity of feasting on carcass of Democracy. 
Seemandhra went to poll with no respite to allegations of voter bribery through churches, openly reported in media and EC was playing Nero's fiddle.
What is the purpose of election if money is paid through places of worship right under the nose of EC, headed by a person who was recommended by the briber’s father? Why have this sham and facade at all?
Booths were being captured in TMC ruled West Bengal without EC batting an eye.EC staff are threatened and berated. Rahul is allowed to guide voter to press the right button. Rahul is allowed to hold a mini meeting inside the polling booth.
While BJP is being targeted for electoral violations, the rest are allowed a free run. If Modi’s action of Selfie was really objectionable, the EC could have asked an FIR to be filed after an investigation instead of demanding FIR be filed before 6 PM because of what EC surmised from the ‘tone and tenor’. But the path EC chose betrayed does not rule out a possible bias on the part of those who were supposed to run a fair election.
If Ramdev’s word could be perversely twisted with nuanced translation , who can explain EC's silence when TMC candidate set a price of 1 Crores on the head of Ramdev?
Why was TMC allowed to blatantly call out that not a single ‘Bangladeshis’ will be allowed to be sent back, in total contravention of the Supreme Court order? What happened to Congress posters with Temples in the background? TMC posters with unconcealed appeal to Muslims? Jagan fearlessly using the pulpit for votes?

With so many out there to kill and maim democracy, stealing from the wealth that democracy bestows, who does not differentiate amongst who benefits from her benevolence, it is still a wonder that after 60 years of murderous assault, she still continues to show signs of life.
May 16th is the last chance for getting Mother democracy back on her feet and to nurture it to her good health. The free run the jackals have been having has gone on for too long. All institutions of democracy have been successfully infiltrated and compromised by political interest through pliant appointees who have sold Mother India for a morsel. The politician-babu nexus based on favors, connections, caste, blood relationships have wreaked havoc to her health. The blades of traitors in the vestige of Senators have bled her to the verge of death. The eyes of fairness have been gorged by partisan communal elements ruling us for longest time.
Yet, come 16th of May 2014, resurrect she will. There are still enough Indians determined to lead Mother India to a glorious future. 16th is neigh, it will take us to demise of the pickers of morsels. You can run but you cannot hide after 16th May.

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