Monday, May 5, 2014

Was Rajiv really a Martyr?


Priyanka Vadra barged into political scene to stem the sagging fortunes of Congress that could no longer be hidden and perhaps also because someone within Congress mustered enough courage to carry the bad news to high command. She came with an express intent to canvas for her brother and mother. No one asked her “what about political conviction’?
The moment she announced her entry, as if on a cue, the big TV channels, got stuck to her as parasites and tormented the otherwise uninterested viewer with visuals of this gawky woman balancing on pile of bricks.   
P Vadra is a known phenomenon that surfaces up the electoral waters only during campaign seasons. She is also not known for her statements that will stir thinking person’s gray matter either. But NDTV’s Barkha Dutt averred that Priyanka is the leader of 2019, based on what political achievement of Priyanka, only Barkha Dutt is privy to. However, SM credits Barkha of being not only in the know of secretive deals and also of taking active fixing roles. So one will have to trust her on this.
It is still a wonder how the Times camera team managed to balance themselves over their own drool as they gave uninterrupted coverage to her. But it must be said that all English channels, including CNN-IBN followed P Vadra picking up the gems of political wisdom as and when she deigned to drop one. 
These Channels’, a.k.a ‘Media Traders’ infatuation and awe of the dynasty can be explained by years of taking alms and the slavery ingrained in their genes.  Nothing else can explain the disproportionate coverage given to P Vadra by all and the sundry. Her resemblance to her grandmother was one of the strongest political statements the ‘Mediatraders’ carried without any shame.
As political assertions, P Vadra’s statements can be reduced the following
1.       BJP scurries like rats
2.       I am Rajiv’s daughter
3.       Smriti who?
4.       My father died for the country. My father was martyred.

Obviously there is a large and famous wounded game in the political forest and the predators are prowling.  The smell of blood is wafting across the Amethi’s electoral woods. Smriti has nothing to lose and Rahul everything.  The Gandhi family has been drawing the political dividend from Amethi’s emotional capital but a new generation may spring surprise.
In this context, we also saw in Modi’s Amethi meeting, BJP not ‘scurrying as rats’, but growling. Modi laid the hollowness of such ill-conceived words of P Vadra bare by tearing into Gandhi’s family that, licking his wounds, Salman Kurshid had to say that ‘BJP should have shown some courtesy by not campaigning in Amethi. The crowd in Amethi was unprecedentedly large; one may not know if Smriti would emerge winner, but the common agreement is that surely she is putting up a worthy fight. The margin of win, if Rahul wins at all, is going to be greatly reduced. Win is not out of reach now for BJP and so much meat in P Vadra’s claim that BJP ‘scurries as rats’. They were at your backyard, snarling, and there was no one to shoo them away!
Modi stole ‘Priyanka is a daughter’ debate not by word play, but on the strength of honesty and truth. The MSM painted a crude picture of Modi, aided by the State’s channel editing critical parts of the interview under instruction of motor-mouth Minister. And P Vadra, as usual made crass, crude and disrespectful comments and finally stood alone, with mud on her face. Shame did not deter her, it appears.
Perhaps P Vadra thought of herself as Indian ‘Dorothy Parker’ when she attempted to belittle Smriti asking ‘Smriti who’? That jibe was mean and hypocritical, because as proxy, P Vadra was in Amethi defending their family turf against the very same 'Smriti who' that was getting more and more encroached upon by the political rivals, mainly BJP. Smriti was wearing her shoes off, traveling the width and breadth of Amethi constituency, dignity personified. P Vadra made a mistake of her life when she attempted to insult Smriti, calling her inconsequential.
And it has stung BJP and as a result BJP has gone for the kill today as Modi spared none from the Congress dynasty.   It has added to BJP’s determination to bare its fangs, bare its fangs it did and with what style?

I have no quarrels if P Vadra says her father was murdered. But if she calls Rajiv Gandhi a martyr, it is claiming more credit than Rajiv is due. Rajiv was killed by Sri Lanka based Tamil Tigers, a fact that has been proven beyond doubt. The cause of that was, the enmity sworn by Prabhakaran as he thought he was double crossed by Rajiv.
First of all, the seeds of discord between Sri Lanka and India were co-sowed by Indira Gandhi when she authorized training of Sri Lankan terrorists in Indian soil. She fed the monster that killed Rajiv. I am definitely not saying she was responsible for Rajiv’s death but was the one who set the dice rolling, unaware that it will one day kill her only surviving son.
When Prabhakaran was in Delhi, the grapevine is, ill-advised by people he trusted, Rajiv put Prabhakaran under house arrest to get the latter to sign the Peace accord.
Another theory, found here , says that Rajiv reneged on an agreement that was signed based on consideration of questionable origin and one that resulted in Prabhakaran avenging by ordering Rajiv’s threat.
How do you fit in the ‘martyr’ piece in this scandalous, dishonorable story? Rajiv did a lot of good, had good intentions, though he patronized his wife’s friends who collected commission on his behalf. He stirred the Telecom revolution in India, backed Pitroda to the hilt are all OK, but to claim he died a martyr is selling political snake oil. Rajiv died because he double crossed, notwithstanding the fact, the person double crossed was no Dharmputra. But he double crossed and paid for his amateurish antics in politics, a game sublime minds find hard to play well. He died in a turf war he picked with a nefarious character he elected to deal with.
So let us be done with this balderdash of thrusting martyrdom on Rajiv. The fact he died the way he did, in the hands of terrorists in Indian soil is really sad and deplorable. But that does not make him a martyr.
Media is replete with reports linking DMK and Rajiv, going as far as claiming that it was DMK ideology that inspired the killing of Rajiv. The Jain commission has this to say.
The Jain Commission has said the encouragement given by the DMK, while it was in power, to the LTTE, ultimately enabled the LTTE to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi.” (see )
And it was the same DMK that Congress allied with, led by Sonia Gandhi, the widow of Rajiv Gandhi, who S Vadra claims incorrectly as being martyred. If S Vadra is so upset with her father’s death, that sometimes she sees non-existent martyrdom in it, why is she not upset with her mother for joining hands with people accused to have had a hand in the killing of her father? Bewildering, is it not?
However, finding Congress in bed with people having aided her father’s death does not bother her as much as Modi saying that Gandhis did not pay attention to the progress of Amethi. P Vadra says that people of Amethi will not forgive Modi for his utterances. But is it not a wonder that Amethi forgave Congress for allying with political parties accused of aiding Rajiv’s killing?
I would conclude, she finds the political opponents more disagreeable to the killers of her father.  Something is wrong with priorities. What is it?
At the end of the day, the pretense is over protecting the ill-gotten wealth in friendly Congress ruled states buying and selling land. It is over the special privileges accorded to the dynasty. It is the ‘let them eat cake’ attitude of the Antoinette that will spell political doom for the dynasty. It is the privileges enjoyed without earning any of it. It is living the life of a feudal lord in a democratic country. It is the benefit the family derives from the gullibility of electorate wastefully preferring to be associated with VIP constituency over economics. It is never having known the sweat of toil. It is never having lived as Indian. It is the sum of all this arrogance. 

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