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Ma Ganga - The liberals are sweating -

I do not consider Lakshmi Choudhry is allowed to write for reasons related to her thinking and writing skills hence normally ignore her. But a Saturday morning can be spiced by tearing into her half-baked shallow ramblings, however promoted by pseudo secular Congressmen, caught seeking votes for money from the Pentacostal denominations, yet keeps silence on child abuse in Kerala Churches, for merely the votes that sustains the otherwise undeserving lifestyle.

Whenever a chance presents itself, these pseudo sickuliars do not fail to speak as if they are the real Hindu interest in India and we the disagreeing lot are mere ignorant ‘locals’. 


One needs no introduction to Lakshmi’s hatred, perhaps stemming out of fear that one day she is going to be found completely irrelevant, that spurs her to churn out frantic pieces such as this. Her logic, premise and conclusions have been repeatedly torn to tatters, in First Post, famously by people like Akash Sharma, yet she is here with a tag as 'Senior Editor'. Many use to read the comments section more than the article, as, the article was always of poor quality while the comments reminded one of Roman Circus. Not once I have ever seen in Lakshmi’s writing (initial days, when I used to be offended by her trash) any sense of shame for forcing unadulterated human waste onto reader. It is still a mystery how Lakshmi kind of nincompoops were offered space in First Post. Connections, I would suspect.

The source of her crumbs are revealed as she describes the pilgrimages Indira Gandhi and Sonia undertook, though quite selectively, highlighting only their visits to temples which have rules that do not allow people of other faith. The insinuation is that, Hindu temples are discriminatory, hence the Hindus themselves are. And such Hindus support Modi and hence there is something to fear about.

First question which I pose is, is it wrong to restrict admission to places of worship?

I tried to enter the Parsi temple in Hyderabad only to be told that entry is restricted to Parsis.

I took my Japanese teacher to the Mecca Masjid and only I was allowed while Maeda san had to wait outside. I continued only not to offend the person who showed me around. Refusal could have become an issue. That was timidity that I suffer from due to my upbringing, which I have learnt to overcome. If it should repeat, I would refuse to enter too.

On the way to Sabarimala, there is a Dargha where Hindus and Muslims visit, symbolizing the Hindu Muslim unity, or so they say. I did go with a Muslim friend to Sabarimala and my friend was allowed to one section inside that was not allowed for people like me. Hmmm… you know what I mean. We completed that pilgrimage with my Muslim friend visiting multiple temples in Kerala, some famous and some not so famous with him willingly accompanying us.
The famous book “Heaven on Earth” by Pepita Seth written on Guruvayur could be completed by her due to the lenient views that the temple administration took to allow her to photograph the insides of the temple in spite of a ban. Ask her and she will tell that it is not the monochromatic toxic picture the biased  Lakshmi presents here and as much as Guruvayur is painted as inflexible in famous cases there are many who were allowed also.

But the point is, as a religious place, it will have restrictions commonly agreed to and accepted by the devotees and not by the leftist propagandists. This changes with time (example, Salwar is now allowed in Guruvayur)

The fight is, the libs Lakshmi (many of the leftists are intelligent, unlike this woman) want to make it a museum while the believers want to retain it as a place of worship. That is the ‘elephant in the room’ no one wants to discuss. Coming back to the topic,

Sonia also led a Government that unabashedly polarized political forces on religious basis and did everything to garner the staple 20%

Without repeating the minority pandering by Congress, topic that was conveniently kept out of discussion by Lakshmi, which, we shall take it as ‘read’, I will state that the selective presentation of Mrs Gandhi and Sonia as Hindus is dishonesty.

For example, while Lakshmi vividly remembers the puja performed by Sonia, she has amnestic tendencies when it comes to Sonia's visit to Imam Bukhari to ask for Muslims to vote en bloc. In case you do not remember who this Bukhari is, the same one who has challenged the Indian State and in 10 Years the Police under Sonia’s Congress Government could not serve the warrant to him, while Sonia could walk to have tea at time of her choosing. So much for Sonia’s secularism or her commitment to the State of India.  

What is demanded from Modi, by these leftist liberal brigade, is that Modi should also become ashamed of his Hindu roots as these leftists have. That is the reason something ‘cringed’ inside Lakshmi. How can anyone be proud of their Hindu past while I, the liberated, intelligent person, think that there is nothing to be proud of? How can anything be true that I do not think is true?

That is the swelling change of wave that will drown these dyed in wool, Marxism oriented, western looking pseudo secularists, coming.

As much as Modi says that he is Hindu, he also has mentioned, ad nauseam, that religion is not the driving force but development is. However, these motivated ideologists in the guise of political commentators, bring back religion as the only topic.  What about the comment on the Kite makers of Gujarat? What about the beautification of Narmada? What about the power situation in Gujarat? What about zillion such other things?

The ask from the liberals, an oxymoron in itself, is everyone should think like them, talk like them and believe in ideology similar to theirs. That is, Narendra Modi should become symbolically secular, like herself. He should not have any Hindu identity at all. This is the root of intolerance in Liberals, yet, they have successfully sold their fascist ideas in ‘liberal’ label.

There is a constituency that is growing that is not ashamed of our Hindu past, our Hindu roots and see no shame, but feel rather proud in admitting that we are Hindus, in any public forum. The real cringing the Liberals and Leftists feel is when they have to identify themselves as persons of Hindu origin in the presence of their Western masters, with years of slavery to Macauly, Lenin and Stalin and the rest of the tyrannical lot, that stems from their inferiority complex infused by the Jesuits and Nuns of Christian convents. The result on May 16th will show whether the growing constituency has reached a tipping point or not.

This constituency will stake the political ideology on our genuine past, whether glorious or not can be debated, but the roots will be in India. That rankles the sold out souls. Cameron calling Britain as Christian nation or Germans calling Germany as Christian nation is similar changes in political thoughts across the Globe. 

The new self respecting constituency, does not agree with your pontification that a leader should not flaunt (which actually is 'refer to') his/her religious faith. There is no shame because that is what you are borne as and have elected to live as.

The question is, should leadership be measured by the various kinds of places of worship he/she visits? At the end of the day, is it all symbolism? No, but with the pea brain with which Lakshmi peddles ideological lies, it is difficult to plumb into the depths of ideas. Symbolism is the most she can measure.

If Modi not visiting the places of worship  of  Abrahamic religionists who claim that ONLY their god is God and believers in other God are eternally consigned to Hell, is not secularism, so be it. It is insulting to visit someone who considers you a lesser human being. Lakshmi does not mind it. May be she is. And she cannot become self-respecting if she cedes to being a lesser human being. It is a vicious circle. Since she cannot climb out of the sewage she is in to loftier places, she wants the rest to get into the same sewage as her. Thanks, but no thanks. Tharoor will keep her company.Marxian equality achieved.

As a true fascist liberal, she tries to bring in personal views of a public figure that has no bearing on public life or political proof. The self-effacing liberals with no spiritual guiding are shattered to see what they chose not to follow yielding healthy fruits. It is pure envy. To claim that Modi’s words have legitimacy only if it is a repeat of Gandhi’s, again reveals the mindset of people -that what they lapped up from the regurgitation of others is education worthy of pride. What Modi took was an example, not a scientific truth. But in the Christian educated mind, the nuances of Indian thought processes are completely stymied.

What comes out of this rile, rant and truant is this: Lakshmi can utmost understand symbolism and will accept symbolism as this is what is practiced by Congress. And the hilarious part is that she calls this symbolism more important than intent. In other words, she has no problem if the intent is not there, truth be damned, but act up to please those poor minorities.

What she practices is what Bush described as “Soft bigotry of low expectation” and this bigot is calling the truly truthful human being as one. Pathetic. But not unexpected. This woman cannot think. But Tharoor will be impressed.

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