Monday, April 14, 2014

Narendra Modi all the way: Rejoinder to

For the usual false strawman ‘pogrom’ here is my reusable answer.
The words used in the diatribe by Priyamvada Gopal are indeed inflammatory and not only not based on facts but are definitely based on prejudices peddled by those currying favors from the liberal powers that be.
‘Foetuses removed’ is one such example and it is apparent that the author knows that such thing did not take place, hence camouflages it with vague and indirect allusions. Signs of vicious lies to come under 'opinion'. We call it 'presstituion'
There is no evidence linking Modi or no evidence to show his words helped foment the massacres. No evidence at all and the courts have consistently thrown out the motivated allegations against him out, yet it has not helped these liberal brats from getting a bit of informed.
For her rhetorical question, yes I would worry. But living in India, I am not worried because the last 10 years have set the lies apart from the facts and the latter is nothing like the gory picture the author here presents. I would really like her to show any evidence at all.
Then she goes on to her vile comment that in India the Hindus are extremists. I am Hindu and so are about 80% and you are insulting all of us. You cannot take a false argument and repeat it again and again. To answer these peddlers of falsehood, there is an open challenge. In India, the largest democracy, if anyone can prove that ‘Sangh Parivar or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’ is an extremist network, the Government can and will ban it. Why has it not happened in the last 65 years? Because, the author is regurgitating here words she has heard in leftist cocktail parties without doing a honest inquiry.

Lenin was in awe of Mussolini and called him ‘our own’. The current liberal’s fathers in the US all had admiration for Mussolini and all did business with Germany. If RSS is a Nazi ideologists, as painted by this author, there is law to go to, instead of spreading canard in print. But to go to courts, it takes facts but to trash 80% of Indian who have lived for thousands of years without major violence till the arrival of Mughals and of course, the British, who oversaw large famines and sowed seed for the only pogrom ever in Indian history.  Now it is amusing to see the leeches in UK singing paeans to peace while living off the wealth looted from India.  

The most the author is able say to demonize Modi are two anecdotes, clearly revealing her incompetency that is being cloaked by her vitriol.  Does she know the disproportionate population growth, not as a hateful statement but as a redeeming quality of India while in her neighboring countries the minority population has been ‘pogromed’ to low single digits? Will she make a distinction and say clearly which is pogrom and which is not? No, because there is no money or fame in telling truth but only in selling lies such as the ones in her article.

Though the hateful leftist and liberal ideologies have time and again harped on Hindu extremism, which at worst is, Indian conservatism, there are no facts on the ground to bear out their false propaganda. Except such articles full of biased opinion, is there any data to support that Hindus are extremists, engaged in pogroms and eliminated the ‘others’. If the argument is that in Hindu majority India the minority people got killed in riots, yes, I agree that there is something to debate. But in a country, riots are features left behind by British, but overall statistics shows the both Muslim and Christian populations on the rise. As much as the molehills are being sought, larger picture also ought to be presented. But to see that you need perspective, which has been blinded out by left and liberal ideology.
In the end this piece is what is stellar example of, what we is known as ‘prestitution’ or as #mediatraders, a term coined by Modi with a mandatory mention of homosexual thrown in. It is the British who left that law.

Another lie which needs to be shut down is the calling the fire on a train as unexplained. The court has sentenced those who burnt that train down. This is where the author’s bias leaks out, again. She is intentionally introducing a lie, downplaying truth by this statement. I wonder how these people get respectability to be able to get their toxic ideas propagated by media. Shameful. There is no role of Modi in that burning. It is perverse to say make such brazen lie in public but I guess you should be a shameless liar to peddle liberal ideology. The author more than qualifies in that aspect.

The British and US are crawling to Modi after succumbing to the communal forces in their  own country. The fact is the   denial of VISA to US was based on a bill ‘banning religious conversion’, that is, shutting down the Christian shops offering money to convert Hindus to Christians.

Modi will bring Hindu pride back on main stage, no doubt, the one you and your tribe have been systematically abusing, insulting and sullying as part of your own liberal ideological hate.
I consider, as an Indian, it insulting that you call the people of Gujarat who have repeatedly elected him along with the vast majority of Indians who will elect him this time as communal.

India is not petty African country where UK can raise a stink if the Government makes a choice to buy Japanese SUV over the British. Remember Kenya? For all pontification by the UK, we Indians manage our country. Manage yours first. Look at the right wing that is growing within UK as a result of the dangerous appeasement policies pursued by your liberals which has landed the country where it is. Read Theodor Darlymple to remind yourself to what slippery slope you have brought your country.

India is not going to plead for acceptance under Modi. Either respect us Indians or stay with your face stuffed in your armpit. It is your choice. It is a resurgent India from now on.

Jai Hind!

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