Friday, April 11, 2014

Rejoinder to

 Again the haters go under the guise of artists and filmmakers, the toxic waste spreads. I already posted rejoinder to the one that appeared in ‘The Hindu’ here.

Here I am writing one to counter  another trash.
The appeal first makes a caveat that it does not question the validity of India’s dramatic election process. Wonder why? The election process in India has sent a strong message of the will of the people. Does this rag tag group admit that the will of the people does not matter to them and they believe in minority views is the one to be heeded to?
In the second sentence the group indulges in plain unadulterated lie.
The death toll of Gujarat is about 1100 and for three Muslims one Hindu has died.  
790 Muslims and 254 Hindus to be exact. Where does the number 2000 come from except from the imagination of these artists and filmmakers whose job is to create fiction?
The stories written by Teesta on the brutal violence has been pulverized as motivated falsehood. Courts have condemned Teesta for misguiding the court. But for this group, which in its opening statement stated its lack of trust in democratic process, even courts are not worthy of trust and respect. It is only its own group members, who often hit the headline as another victim of drug overdose who are capable of making judgement . The forerunners of clear thinking indeed.  
There have been many riots prior to Gujarat and post in which only Muslims have been killed, under the governance of Congress, in numbers far exceeding the Gujarat toll. Is it not funny only Gujarat is selectively picked up? What is the difference between Gujarat and other riots in India?
Targeted group – Minorities, mostly against Muslims
Government in power – Congress except Gujarat riot
Magnitude – Often more devastating that Gujarat
Conviction of perpetrators – None except in the case of Gujarat
The difference is that all other riots were in Congress Government and there have been hardly any or no conviction in other cases.
But these actors and filmmakers have problem only with Gujarat.
Their objection must stem from these two differences - that Muslims were not killed under Congress rule and/or there were people who got convicted.
When the group makes an innuendo that some BJP members are facing trial, it hides the fact that in all other cases the criminals got away even without a case being framed. Does it not shame them? Obviously no.
Then the group jumps to a conclusion that Modi is incompatible with India’s secular constitution.
Clear as a day, these guys have to get answer some of these questions if they want people to believe in it. But, this breed of shoot and scoot guerrillas of outdated ideology know only cowardice as their core strength. It is even more shameful that media should elect not to question unadulterated putrid donkey feces peddled by these ideologically driven goons who want to force their views on others while refusing to debate their point of views.
Surely the time has come for India to come out of the intellectual tyranny of the regurgitated politics. Come May 16th, at least those of the signatories in position of power and influence within India will be sent to the incinerator of history. ( I need to give these idiots to cry something about me. They will call me hateful for the usage of the world ‘incinerator’)
Make your own choice. Ask if there is truth in what is written in this rejoinder or in the appeal by the ‘artist and filmmakers’ and then it is your call.

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