Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Who Killed Sunil Dutt?

Who killed Sunil Dutt?

The statement from Sanjay Dutt, which is being repeated ad nauseum, by press made of people from procurement trade provoked me to no end.

Sanjay Dutt, who claims that Congress killed his father, has given so much happiness to his father, that Sunil would have liked to live eternally to see the glorious life of his son.

To start with, Sanju baba was a drug addict. Which father would not be happy to have a drug addict as his son? Imagine all the pleasant memories of the sleepless nights wondering where your son is. Wondering if today would be the day the son would die of an overdose. Wonderful memories that would have directly contributed to Sunil's longevity.

Later in life, Sanju borrowed few thing from friends. This made his papa so proud, Sunil would have lived to be 200 years. Sanju had few friends who were later nominated for Noble peace prize. Those were, Abu Salem, Hanif Kadawala, Samir Hingora and others. These peace mongers went to Sanju baba's house and gave him few things, 3 AK-56 rifles, 25 hand grenades, one 9 mm pistol and cartridges. These were the arms that were meant for Mumbai blast. Few days when they came to collect the curios, Sanju baba returned all those things but a single AK-56 rifle. If any one of you think of Sanju's role as safe keeper of arms meant for waging war against the nation, knowing very well the safe house was meant to be safe not because of Sanju but because it belongs to Sunil Dutt' son, you are wrong.

This is how it happened. These guys walk into Sanju's house, bring a load of contraband, leave it in Sanju's house and leave. Later the same guys come, take away most of it and go away. So natural.

Only imaginative fools would imagine an alternative scenario like this.

This is a hardened group of criminals who have taken part in various illegal acts. They decide to keep the arms at Sanju baba's house because it is one place no one dares to raid. They also know Sanju will not say no because they are chums. You do not suddenly jump to the criminal level of providing safe house to Arms meant for waging war against India, you should have graduated to that level step by step, which should have taken some time. In effect, Sanju made use of his father's good name to provide shelter to Abu Salim and the mafia. Later when Sunil Dutt learnt about Sanju's involvement, it would have made him so proud that perhaps he would have lived to be 200 years. Poor Sunil was killed by Congress.

When Sunil, after coming to know his son had been hand-in-glove with the anti-nationals, asked Sanju baba to return from Mauritius, where he was shooting. But Sanju asked his friends to destroy the gun. Which father will not be proud of this son? The icing on the cake is that Sunil had to crawl to Bal Thakeray to get it son out the prison. Another proud moment gifted by his son.

And after all this do you not agree that Sanjay was an innocent victim of circumstances and his deeds have made his father proud?

This same gentleman, in the year 2001 had conversation with Chhota Shakeel, another Gandhi Peace foundation life member, the tapes of which were played in special court. This is only 8 years back and after about 6to7 years of coming out of jail. The same period Sanjay claims that he led a crime free life.

After all this, Sanjay claims that the police tortured him because his mother was Muslim. It was Sanjay who supported those who killed fellow Indians because he has a Muslim lineage.

Even wonder why the press does not ask Sanjay Dutt relevant questions and ask him if he made his father's life happy? What life was left in Sunil that could be taken away by anyone?

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