Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rejoinder to Pseudo - Sickuliars - Citizen is angry against them. For whom the Pimps troll

Those who solicited to fix deals of short term cohabitation between political power and highest bidder, even bidders like Kanimozhi preach. Satan preaches, with bovine teeth. Let me again attempt to shred the strawman put up by famous fixer, some describe with even harsher nouns.
The reason I call it a strawman is, the brigade that bought their bungalows and cars and connections, bought with the blood shed by ordinary Indians, whether it is Gujarat riot, or Siachen battle or Taj hotel shootout, introduce spurious logic on which a house of cards is built.
The bottom row in this house of cards is an implicit suspicion on the voter turnout. What is being found fault with is, the people coming to vote to decide who should lead the country. The Satan with bovine dentures fears that its political masters’ grave is being dug with the very same vote.
The next attempt is to make strawman of legitimate argument; by casting doubt on the stated and demonstrated objectives of BJP with no supporting reason. The Governance and economics is not something that was discovered for this election. The State elections of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Goa were all fought on the same platform. And when BJP assumed power, except in the case of Rajasthan as it is yet to be proven, the governance did not steer away from economics. The numbers speak for themselves. But that is now not the concern of the Bovine Satan as it may let truth seep into the house of falsehood cards. Instead, the objectives of BJP is assumed to be regressive to suit the petty mind of the Satan.
The chronological narration of events in UP is not convenient and hence is not considered. Further, if the events that culminated into the remarks by Amit Shah were to be honestly narrated, truth, the horrible thing the Satan lives to keep under wrap may be out in the open.
The deceptive ways of these procurers for the Evil goddess they worship, is never to distinguish the aggressor from the victim when it suits them. If it is Muthalik episode, the aggressor is outlined in one-dimensional report that leaves out the story of the other side, however regressive it may appear. But in a serious political event as this, the aggressor is intentionally kept hazy, not because the Satan does not know how to identify one, not because the aggressor is invisible but because the aggressor is the kind of bidders with whom the procurer has to do business with. There is no potential buyer in the victim market, in this case, BJP. I wrote about it here
When the Government in power distributes justice unevenly, based on the religion of the culprits, is it not time for getting alarmed as it is same as an assault on democracy? If someone has the courage to stand up to that injustice and calls for correction and calls people to revert back to democracy, is that a crime? If you add the sinister insinuation made at higher voter turnout, downplaying the seriousness of communal politics of the power that be and finally making the one who stood up in defense of democracy the painted villain, it is easy to see where the heart of the Satan lies. For whom the pimps troll.
There was no mention of Hindus or Muslims in Amit Shah’s speech. But there were in Azam’s. There was no call to violence in Amits, but Azam called for it. Amit asked to use ballot. Azam did not. Yet, the high end procurer makes a false equivalence, not because it is not intelligent, but because  it is intelligent. It is not intelligence that delivers good things, but intelligence combined with good intention. In all these omissions and commissions of the Satan, commonality is, absence of good intention that manifests itself as motivated reporting.  
As a platitude, while it is easy to make frivolous comments like religion can divide and rule, it can also unite and fight against evil. Satan choses its side.

It is the communal politics that attempts to unite people against the ‘aspirational’ dreams of India, and the champions of these communal elements are the bed-fellows of the same Satan. The communal politicians made the first strike, to divide the country, on the basis of religion and as a result, posed a threat to the aspirations of millions of democratically inclined Indians. Now, if BJP acutely identifies this communal game and warns the people to respond to it, our Satan is devastated, because the communal forces, the target market, may stand to lose the power. Where will the Satan get its commission and Padma Bhushans? Unfair, indeed.

Who said that economic growth is anti-dote to bigotry? And equating Mobile, Mall and McDonald to economic growth is at best leftist regurgitation. If I tie the Satan in an air-conditioned room with all amenities, luxury and medical facilities and insults it, will the Satan accept the deal? Read what Amit said about ‘izzat’ which is right on the mark. Money alone cannot cure bigotry. Culture without money will lead to what Dr Theodore Darlymple describes as ‘Life at the bottom’. With bribe as silencer, the fruits of democracy cannot be unfairly shared. The system of democracy cannot be destroyed. What the Satan says is, let us put you in a Gulag but with three Ms and be happy.

Justice is, possibly an anti-dote to bigotry, though not all by itself. What if the economic growth is cornered by a particular group that comes to power appealing to communal feelings? That is what SP did in UP and that’s fine with Satan. Now that Kanimozhi may not be around as potential customer, SP will do well to replace her.

And while trying to provide a fig leaf to one’s own credibility by narrating anecdotes to cover the misfortunes from both communities, the interest is betrayed in the ordering of the names of the leaders, and in equating them in criminality. This is where the money is earned along with Padma Bhushan I would like to, as, I am sure, many other right thinking people, to debate with the Satan on this; or the two equally culpable? Who started and who reacted? Remember Gujarat where the distinction was made clearly against Hindus but the same is missing in assessment of Muzzafarnagar. Everything is possible with an evil ideology with enough money thrown in.

In all the vitriolic declaration of the Satan, BJP is the first accused and the rest as ‘also mentioned’.

Is a call for ‘Swabhiman’ the same as a call for ‘division’?
Is ‘silence’ equal to ‘declaration’?
Does ‘beggars becoming crorepati’ reek of communal allusion?
Is there any equal to ‘boti-boti’ at all?
Does the article attempt to make distinction between anti-national and reactive politics ? No, not because the Satan cannot, but because Satan does not want to.
It is not every party that has fished in the troubled water. All these years the ‘sin customers’ of the Satan have had a free ride. Now BJP has stood up to question them. Those in power and those who live by the crumbs the power throws, are frightened.
Satan is a crumb picker. Meaty crumbs.

Jai Hind!

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